Nutrition of Light

Cowins’ photo in Pixabay.    The Sun is the energy that animates and makes live all beings on Planet Earth.

Food is a basic and indispensable condition of our state as Human Beings, manifested and incarnated in a body (matter) of animal origin, on the Planet Gaia, the Mother Earth.

There are still populations maintaining some awareness of the necessary food balance. One of these populations had an old saying:

“By the morning we feed the Body,
At noon the Soul and
At night the Spirit”.

Inaktiv’s photo in Unsplash.   The Planet Earth evolves in the solar system in resonance with the Laws of Nature and the Universe.

Few human beings today have memories of these principles.

Every day we feed ourselves, but we
are not what we eat.

We feed ourselves according to our vibrational nature, level of consciousness and state of mind of the moment.

Let us be aware of:
Why eat?
How to eat?
And what to eat?

Now, before we feed ourselves, let’s know the WHY:

Because Planet Earth evolves in the solar system in resonance with the Laws of Nature and the Universe, where the Earth’s 26,000-year precession movement is subdivided into 12 phases. These are the Zodiacal Eras, each of which is approximately 2160 years old, marked by the sequence of Equinoxes and Solstices.

Qimono’s photo, by Arek Socha, in Pixabay.    The sunrise seen from space, while on Planet Earth the Human Being is creating a new society in the light of the new Zodiacal Era of Aquarius, the so-called Golden Quantum Era.

Since 2012 we have lived the Zodiacal Era of Aquarius, called the Golden Quantum Era, the first Era of the new cycle of Earth’s precession movement that emits


LOVE and


and is imposing a new topological order, expressed by the capacity of unification of duality in the Human Being, thus initiating a new society with diametrically opposed values to the Era of Pisces. This one is over, but it is still lived today by many Beings, through a level of consciousness and patterns impregnated in DNA.

In harmony with the Zodiacal Era of Aquarius, it is up to the Human Being to strengthen the role of mediator between Heaven and Earth, interacting with the three lower realms, reconnecting them to the cosmos. Let us analyze in synthesis each of the kingdoms:

Alexander Van Driessche’s photo, used under Wikimedia Commons.       The deposits have always stimulated a great curiosity in the human being and it is these underground treasures – this image is in Mexico – that maintain and balanced the energy on the planet.


It is the crystallization of the energy of the stars, following the Laws of Nature and the Universe. It is an active Kingdom, in its geometry and tones, with an audible language by our 17 inner and outer senses.

Among the numerous components of the Mineral Kingdom we have metals, where 7 of them are considered by the ancient alchemists, alchemical metals, as they carry specific recipients of transformation and self-creation in their relationship between 7 musical notes, 7 planets, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 days of the week, 7 subtle bodies, 7 Chakra’s vibratory vortices…. (Read more about these topics in this website)


Alchemical Metals Musical notes Planets Days of the week Colors Subtle Bodies Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
Lead C Saturn Saturday Red Subtle Physical Body Mineral Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Base Chakra
Tin D Jupiter Thursday Orange Subtle Etheric Body Vegetable Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Splenic Chakra
Iron E Mars Tuesday Yellow Subtle Astral Body Animal Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Solar Plexus Chakra
Gold F Sun Sunday Green Subtle Mental Body Human Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Cardiac Chakra
Copper G Venus Friday Blue Subtle Causal Body Angels Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Laryngeal Chakra
Mercury A Mercury Wednesday Indigo Spiritual Soul Archangels Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Frontal Chakra
Silver B Moon Monday Lilac Divine Soul Light Kingdom Vibrating Vortex
of the Coronary Chakra


DeltaWorks’ photo in Pixabay.      The Vegetable Kingdom evolves expressing itself in the Animal Kingdom.

The 7 alchemical metals are the primordial components of the core of each cell of our constitutive heterochromatin in the deoxyribonucleic acid (Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine, considered by some scientists as the cell’s waste). However, using the 17 constituent senses of the Human Being as an alchemical laboratory, it is possible to detect in quanta of photons the vibratory energy or the chirality of the alchemical metals in the cell nucleus.

Minerals are embedded in a Collective Spirit, as they are the direct sequence of star energy (read more about crystals in “Crystal deposits are the star’s energy“). Its evolution has continuity expressing itself in the Vegetable Kingdom.


Cocoparisienne’s photo, by Anja Osenberg, in Pixabay.    The Animal Kingdom feeds itself from the Vegetable Kingdom and also on the Animal Kingdom itself.

It feeds itself from the subsoil energy (minerals) according to its location in the North or South hemisphere, by the cardinal points and the Hartmann’s networks.
It uses an Ogham language, recognized by the Human Beings through the 17 senses, and its nature is visible to us by its geometry and its tones.
The Vegetable Kingdom evolves expressing itself in the Animal Kingdom, assuming a primordial function in the harmony of the climate in the planet.

Kai Kalhh’s photo in Pixabay.   As well as in the Human Kingdom, in the other kingdoms there is also the definition of family.


It feeds itself from the Mineral and the Vegetable Kingdoms, and on the Animal Kingdom itself.
This kingdom evolves expressing itself in the Human Kingdom.
Its verbal language is already audible by our 17 senses. Its nature is easily identified by the condition of locomotion, feeding, among other characteristics.

Free-Photos’ photo in Pixabay.      The Human Being has the responsibility to be the mediator between Heaven and Earth so that there is a unification of duality.


The Human Kingdom, like the Animal Kingdom, has an audible verbal language and feeds its physical body, of animal origin, through the three preceding kingdoms, usually using fire to cook.

In a current consciousness – from the Zodiacal Era of Aquarius – we observe that cooking at temperatures above 42 ° Celsius alters and damages the original quality of the vibratory and energetic frequencies of food (read more in Raw and Lively Nutrition friend of our cells).

The Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms are subject to a Collective Soul according to their families. However, there are trees and animals already with vibratory support that allows them to have access to an individual spirit.
The Human Being, in his process of evolution as a mediator between Heaven and Earth, has access to an individual soul and spirit. Its evolution allows it to unify its duality, assuming its responsibility to gather the celestial transterrestrial and terrestrial categories.

It is good to remember that in all kingdoms there is the definition of family. It defines its cosmic or planetary nature, integrated into its specific function on the planet. Of course at different levels and scales. For example, a certain family of insects that live a single summer afternoon has the function of capturing certain frequencies of “cosmic waves” that instinctively transform and relay them to the interior of the earth’s crust…
There are families that only capture energy from the planet, others only from the Sun, the Moon, the Solar System and others from the Macrocosmos and the Galaxy in which we live.

With this synthesis on the four kingdoms, we can observe the process of evolution of the Planet through the feeding and interaction between them, in particular, the Human Kingdom. It is important to have a new awareness of food that is fully suited to this Era of Aquarius.

How to do it?

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