Sweden is against mandatory vaccines

Erich Westendarp’s photo in Pixabay.      The Swedish Parliament once again reiterated, in 2017, the “No” to mandatory vaccines.

There are no mandatory vaccines in Sweden. The decision was once again reiterated in May 2017 by the Swedish Parliament which has not given in to the pressure stemming from the high cases of measles in Europe.

Since 1972, physicians are also required to declare all vaccine accidents, to be able to investigate the potential risks associated with who decides to opt for vaccination. The fear that vaccines are not safe is a reality in the Swedish society, and the proof is that the Thimerosal has been eliminated from vaccines since 1992. An example also followed by Denmark, among other countries.

Vaccine’s sense of insecurity has recently been fueled by the H1N1 vaccine (influenza A). This vaccine was even banned, as was the case in Finland. The issue was the association of this vaccine with the increase of narcolepsy among children and teenagers. On the other hand, in Poland, the government never bought this vaccine because it always distrusted the consequences.

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