About Us

We are what we are.

Neither big nor small,
we are simply the Light that lives in us, flowing on the line of the infinite.

As a Sphere, we ride on the path of life, the path of knowledge…
Paths that allow us certainties on the path of Eternity.

Countless Spheres roll inside each Being,
cells that vibrate at different frequencies of the quiralities of the Quantum life.

According to our function, we are ready to interact with the spheres of each Being, receptive, to changes of consciousness, for a level of evolution in resonance with the current Zodiacal and Quantum Era of Aquarius, which emits:
and Intelligence of the Heart.

We are like you, the foundations of a new society,
diametrically opposed to the extinct Era of Pisces that dominated Planet Earth for 2160 years.

Working together, we will contribute with our best.


Interact with us through:

Email: esfera@esferadourada.com

Tel: +351 214 932 062 – call to the national fixed network

Largo 1 de Dezembro, 22 Loja
2710-496 Sintra