How to cleanse, energize and ask for help from a crystal?

Crystals are Beings of Light with perfect molecular sequence and high-frequency electromagnetic synchrony, which allows them to be receivers, transformers, conductors, and amplifiers of energy. This is why the frequency of use and the intensity that is required of you … Read More

Thymus Mastichina replaces traditional salt in dishes

Thymus Mastichina Plant: Scientists have classified it as Thymus Mastichina and this plant is one of some 350 varieties of thyme that exist in the world, although this species can only be found in Portugal and Spain. This aromatic plant … Read More

Saffron strengthens the immune system

Saffron ( Crocus Sativus) Plant: The saffron flower is harvested from the crocus sativus, a plant in the Iridaceae family, which can be lilac, purple or white in color. It is the long orange stigmas, horn-shaped, which after being dried give … Read More

The vibratory Flower Essences are a “treasure” of nature

Flower essences are harmony catalysts to help overcome imbalances caused by accumulated emotions and feelings or blockages, and again restore levels of peace, harmony, tolerance, love, sociability, confidence, vitality, regeneration, joy, strength to live, intuition, and creativity, among others. Human … Read More

Cumin fights anemia, cholesterol and diabetes

Cumin  (Cuminum cyminum) Plant: Cumin, native to the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt, is a small herbaceous plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family, the same as parsley and fennel. The notoriety of this spice has grown over time because of … Read More