How to cleanse the energies of the house and the body through smudging?

Anke Sundermeier’s photo on Pixabay.     Smudging can be done when you feel that there is no longer the usual harmony and a peaceful environment.

If you feel that the energy in your home is heavy, negative, conducive to conflict, irritability, discouragement, sadness, angst, among other imbalances, then it is time to do an energetic cleansing. Make a smudging with the help of the Plant Kingdom, by the combustion or the vaporization of herbs and plants, to rebalance and restore the harmony of the vibratory energy of the aura of the house and also of those who live there. This rebalancing is also valid for a place of work or leisure.

Being sensitive and especially aware of the energy imbalance is a decisive step to eliminate and cancel the harmful, negative, electromagnetic, black magic, or other matrices, which interfere and disturb the harmony of the physical space and those who are there.

It is a very common reality in our daily life and which often leads to questions: How was this possible? or What is the reason for such negativity? The truth is that there are many possible origins and sometimes it is we ourselves who carry this type of energy around the home or workplace. For example, the stress accumulated after a day of work, our thoughts and behaviors towards others, certain guests, the meanness of others, or the energies of neighbors, among others, interfere and can alter our entire energetic harmony. It is the accumulation of frustrations, jealousy, anger, envy, among so many other feelings, which, if we are not able to control and eliminate, will also infect everything and everyone.

Our energetic cleansing, as well as of a home or office, is a necessity and should be a habit, just like physical hygiene. This should be done with some regularity. Anytime we feel an energy that we find unusual and disturbing, we can and should cleanse our vibrational energy. The smudging method is also an example to cleanse the body, soul, and spirit, which will allow the sacred geometry to be in harmony again (energetic cleansing of the body can also be done with a salt and ginger bath in the tub or through vibrational language for those who have access to this information). The fire, through smudging or by vaporizing, will activate the essences and properties [all its vibratory power] of the plants and herbs to which we ask for help, promoting an energetic purification (cleansing or unblocking), restoring the balance of each one vibratory vortex.

When should I smudge?

Whenever you move or start a new job, you need to physically clean up the space and then smudge it to remove all negative, harmful, and other energies embedded in it. This is an action that assumes greater preponderance if it is a used home and has been in use for a few years.

Smudging a home should not be a continuous practice, either daily or weekly, as there is a risk of having the opposite effect. The use of the smudging technique can be done when you feel that there is no longer the usual harmony and a peaceful environment.

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      Choose a bundle with one or more plants as in the photo or, failing that, a bag that already contains several specific herbs and plants for smudging.

What are the advantages of smudging?

Restoring the energy balance and harmony of a home or office is directly associated with the herbs and plants selected to ward off bad energies and restore harmony. This method, ancestral in many cultures – in Asia, Africa, and North and South America – relies on the properties of plants as needed, and can be smudged with just two plants or a wide range of different plants. On Esfera Dourada you can find several bundles and sticks for smudging, the famous Palo Santo or Smudging Bags which contain around 30 different plant species which together help to balance your energy, home, or workplace.

How some herbs can help you:

  • Rosemary and Blessed Thistle: ward off jealousy, the evil eye, and depression;
  • Belladonna, Garlic Peels, Cinnamon or Myrrh: purify the environment;
  • Bamboo leaves: stop energy vampirization;
  • Petiveria: prevents bad energies and black magic, keeps jealousy and envy away;
  • Common Rue: Cancels spells, deeply cleanses energy patterns;
  • Lavender and Roman Chamomile: relaxes, attracts positive energy, and protects against bad energies;
  • Star Anise: brings good luck and attracts positive energies;
  • Cedar: increases the force of capturing positive energies;
  • Clove: protects against the bad intentions of others and attracts prosperity;
  • Eucalyptus: protects health;
  • Basil and Sandalwood: attracts harmony;
  • Mint: energizes the environment;
  • Tobacco: its strong vibration cleanses bad energies;
  • Laurel Leaf: promotes prosperity;
  • Chamomile: soothes the emotions;
  • Camphor: eliminates negative energy and promotes joy and good humor;
  • Acacia: avoids nightmares;
  • Orange Peel: attracts prosperity and success;
  • Apple peel: spreads harmony, romanticism, and sensuality;
  • White Rose Petals: attracts peace and harmony.

How to smudge?

Before starting the smudging, you must first physically clean the house and open the windows to ventilate the room. During smudging, windows should be kept open to avoid any risk of suffocation.

After choosing the plants or the package of plants, opt for the smudging method. You can smudge with water vapor. In this case, use a small pot which can then be easily transported, without getting burned, through the rooms of the house to diffuse the vaporization of the plants.

Another alternative is to smudge by burning the bundle. For this operation, you need a container or a small old saucepan so that you can easily diffuse the aroma. Burn the chosen plants with a little sugar so that the properties can be united and spread the smoke in all the rooms.

Smudging should be done from the inside to the outside, that is, start with rooms with less visibility and less access (from the inside to the outside).

In both cases of smudging, it is essential that the steam or smoke should be spread with love and positive thoughts, asking the plants for help in this cleaning action. Pay special attention to the corners of every room in the house, as this is where a lot of the energy is normally concentrated.

After smudging, what should I do?

After smudging, all ash or water boiled with the leaves should be delivered to nature, preferably next to a large tree, so that these energies can be transformed and used by nature. Alternatively, you can put this waste in a tightly closed container to throw it in the trash. It is important that the remains of smudging are not left in the house.

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