Tips for cleaning the air and the energies of the home

Timothy Buck’s photo in Unsplash.      In a room, you should not have books while you sleep, because their energy and the feelings of those who wrote them can influence the body, spirit, and soul of those who rest.

The air and the energy of our house influence our harmony in the daily routine. It is therefore essential to be aware that it is necessary to clean the air and keep the space energetically balanced since it is where we spend many hours of the 24h the day offers us and where we live a great part of life.

But how do I know if inside the house there is:

  • harmful energy,
  • electromagnetic interference of WiFi network,
  • energy from negative thoughts and family conflicts,
  • interference of the neighbors’ home energy,
  • subsoil interference and
  • in particular, how all these energies influence the flow of the Hartmann and Curry networks? (they are energy lines which exist every 2.5 meters in the East / West direction and 2 meters in the North / South direction, with 21 centimeters thick, forming invisible rectangles that cross the whole planet, read more about this text on this site).

If some of the 17 senses that we all have, are already well-active, it will be easy to detect. Who has never felt an environment with a heavy energy, where there is easily irritability, drowsiness, discouragement, anxiety, sadness, anguish, a feeling of weakness that sometimes even causes headaches or other types of stresses? These types of energies come from our daily activity, often from, for example, arising of aggressive attitudes and other feelings provoked by stresses in the workplace, somatizing the non-good interaction between the various components of the family and unintentionally we accumulate everything and we bring it into the house. The truth is that our home is often a battlefield and not a quiet, harmonious and healthy living space.

It is essential that we are aware that it is necessary to create conditions in the home to promote a worthy life for the body, soul, and spirit.


Kerstin Riemer’s photo in Pixabay.     Every morning you should air the house by opening the windows and doors. This is a small step to cleanse the energies and restore harmony in the home.

Opening the windows and doors on a sunny day is a small step, but recourse to the plant kingdom, mineral kingdom, 100% biological essential oils and the vibrational language of life at the molecular basis are also a precious help in keeping the air clean and balanced in the house energy.

The decoration of the house with natural plants is a very old and current practice, although many do it for aesthetic reasons only. The option for a Lavender, Salvia, Rosemary, Peace Lily, Kalanchoe, Bryophyllum, Venus hair fern or Snake plant, among many others, help purify the air and also transform the energies that exist in the home, restoring the balance of the environment.

It is important not to neglect its location, knowing that sunlight and humidity are essential for the existence of these beings. It is not a coincidence that the proximity of the windows is a place of choice, but be careful because it is in the corners of each room where, habitually, accumulates more noxious energy. That’s why experts recommend a robust plant for corners to easily support energy cleaning. Ficus or Beaucarnea are examples of some plants of greater support to transform the more energies.

The virtual lifeless plants (made of plastics, paper or other material) accumulate noxious energies and influence virtual situations in the behavior of the people who live in the house.

In the kitchen, we can have aromatic herbs, such as mint, rosemary, parsley… In the bathroom, to minimize the effects of nonconforming energies, the recommendation is for violets or succulent plants that usually do well in less ventilated places and low light.

In the bedrooms, the flowers must not have a very intense odor to not disturb our rest, the plants should be aerated daily and stay in a place with light. Concerning the fear that plants consume too much oxygen at night, it should be emphasized that for example the Peace Lily or the Snake plant produce oxygen at night. In addition, experts point out that the negative side of plants in the bedroom relates to the possible viruses and bacteria that are produced by insects and parasites that attack the sap of plants. As a protective reaction, plants can manufacture natural repellents to ward off these pests and thus interfere with the breathing system of humans, which can give the feeling of shortness of breath, but nothing related to the consumption of oxygen.

Continuing in the bedrooms, you can choose to cut a lemon in half and apply seven cloves feet (one to the center of the lemon and six to form a hexagon, geometric relation to a cell or molecule). Put the lemon in a saucer with some water and leave it overnight on the bedside table. This lemon will cleanse the energies of the person and the room where they sleep (if you are tired, exhausted, with headaches or with the flu you can use onions).

As for the maintenance of the plants, it is necessary to say that the better you treat them, the better they will fulfill their function. It is important to remember that you always have to remove the dried flowers so that the filtering cycle of energy does not stop, you should wash the healthy leaves and if possible with the lightness of the rainwater (alternatively use a sprayer). Since plants are living beings and companions of our path, we must greet them in the morning, when we come home and also when we will rest, and thank them for the work and performance done throughout the day.


LoggaWiggler’s photo in Pixabay.    Use, unrefined, sea salt to clean the harmful energies of your home.

Salt cleaning

Another way to clean the nonconforming energies of a home may be to dissolve sea salt in water inside a white, profound, and smooth dish. In each room of the house, it should be placed a dish with salt and water, in a place out of the reach of the children and animals, for seven days. If the crystallization of the salt forms a uniform and coherent crystallization geometry, then the energy of the space is in harmony.

Be careful, if the energy is unbalanced, the salt may overflow from the dish and create a geometric discomfort. This rest of water and salt will have to be throw on a wall outside the house, where the sun hits. If this option is not feasible, then pour it into the toilet and make at least three discharges of water. In this situation, repeat the entire process with a plate of sea salt and water until a uniform and coherent geometry/crystallization is obtained.

When you obtain a salt dish with a coherent geometry, you can return salt and water to the sea or use the dishwasher.

Another way to purify the energies of the house is to use the peels of orange, lemon, apple, anise and cinnamon, rosemary or, eucalyptus seeds. Put all of these ingredients, or some of them, in a container with water to heat, and after raising boil put the container on a candle to maintain the boil (for example the fondue piece with the candle) and let it exhale during the lifetime of the candle. This operation should be done for the various rooms of the house (10 to 15 minutes in each room).

Defumation also helps to restore the energy balance of our home. To do this just add a few plants: Sage, Lavender, Star Anise, herb-of-grace, Coffee, Caapi, Indian Carnation, Sweet Herb, Myrrh, Rosemary, Roses, Blondie, Bamboo Leaves, Eucalyptus, Garlic Straw, Sandalwood, Natural tobacco, Oregano, Cinnamon, Brown sugar, Salt. This magnificent cocktail can be boiled in water and its steam must then be spread through the various divisions, giving more emphasis to the corners of the house, because that is where it normally finds greater energy flows. Alternatively, make the defumation in a separate container, where the burning can be done with the aid of a small vegetal charcoal wafer.

Precious stones

Esfera Dourada’s photo.         Amethyst’s violet crystals help clean the environment of noxious and bad condensate energies.
Esfera Dourada’s photo.        The Quartz Crystal is a true healer of the house and rebalances the harmful energies of our body, our soul and our spirit.

The use of the mineral kingdom is also much used to obtain the harmony of our space. Crystals, precious or semi-precious stones, have a perfect molecular arrangement and electromagnetic high frequency, assuming themselves as receptors, transformers, and emitters of energy that aid in the physical, mental and spiritual planes since they are the connection between the stars and the deposits of the Planet.

Crystals, essentially the Quartz Crystal and Amethyst are part of the deposits that already vibrate in the frequency of the Age of Aquarius (read more about crystals, in texts, on this site), so they are essential for the rebalancing of the energy of the houses, since they unblock, rebalance energies and emotions, releasing negative situations or awaken memories and sensations that reinforce the intuitive channel of those who use them. For example, Quartz Crystal looks like a block of ice but does not melt, works like a true healer in the home. Its properties allow to, unlock and purify in vibrations the flow of energy in body, soul, and spirit. It is seen as a symbol of purity, freedom, infinity of space, patience, and perseverance, hence it is also widely used in meditation. Crystals and gemstones must be placed in the various rooms, particularly near electrical or electronic devices to override the effects of the ionic waves in the home.

Another way to harmonize the energy of our habitation is to use the radiesthesia and the consciousness of the vibratory language of life to the molecular basis, that is, the multidisciplinary science of the 17 senses, you will already be able to detect, and transform, harmful and condensed energies or energy of the evil laws, underground interference energy, existence and blockages of Hartman lines, emissions from electrical appliances, electronics and more.

A tidy and clean home is a healthy life.

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