10 kinds of algae to have at table

Focusing only on sea algae, we see that European legislation has restricted the use of marine macroalgae in the human and animal food to 22 species, based only on consumption records in Europe (see the EU grid below) and not … Read More

Refined salt is considered poison

The integral salt is washed and dissolved at high temperatures under controlled pressure in industrial facilities. The so-called refining removes 82 of the 84 natural nutrients that the salt has in its natural state, for example, nutrients such as iodine, … Read More

The Salt is vital for the Human Being

The Salt is vital for the Human Being since its dissolution results in the sodium and chloride ions that are present in all tissues and fluids of our body. They allow such diverse functions as, for example, the osmotic balance … Read More

Natural sea salt is not refined

Obtained through the evaporation of the seawater, a process made naturally through sun exposure. Natural sea salt doesn’t go through any type of refining, so it retains all micro minerals and original nutrients, including natural iodine. This type of salt … Read More

Salt Flower contains all the ingredients offered by nature

It is composed of the first salt crystals that are formed and float on the surface by the sea water evaporation in the salines. These lightweight and delicate crystals are collected daily by hand before they become thicker and deposit … Read More