Mineral salt is precious to the human body

The mineral salt is extracted manually from rocks that are found in underground mines of places where there is a fossilized sea. The pink salt of the Himalayas or the black salt, Kala Namak, are both from India and Pakistan … Read More

Seven indispensable spices in the kitchen

Cinnamon It is obtained from the inner part of the bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree, the Cinnamomum Verum that can reach 15 meters height. This cinnamon is light brown in tone and has an intense, hot, sweet and spicy … Read More

How and when should I eat seeds

The consumption of seeds should preferably be done raw, as this is how it is delivered to the earth to germinate and grow. With heating or roasting, the seed ceases to be a living being and passes into a dead … Read More

The magical power of spices

They are flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, stems or even barks of plants that radiate intense and distinct aromas and flavors with diverse colors that almost follow the rainbow. The Asian continent is the cradle of spices, scattered today all over … Read More