Whole wheat balances the digestive system

Whole wheat (Triticum) Plant: Triticum Sativum, the scientific name for wheat, is an herb that grows worldwide and forms the basis of many food crops. It is no coincidence that wheat is the second most cultivated cereal on the planet, … Read More

Soursop offers very few calories

The Soursop Tree (Annona Muricata), from the West Indies, is a small tree up to 6 meters tall. It exists in almost all tropical forests. The leaves of the Soursop Tree are light green, with yellow flowers and usually hide … Read More

Which is the best Infusion for your moment?

A simple headache, insomnia, digesting difficulty or sore throat are everyday situations that can easily be overcome by infusing the leaves, flowers, seeds or roots of a plant that we have at home. Take for example lemon balm, linden, lime, … Read More

How to prepare a good infusion?

The leaves or flowers of a plant, whether dry or alive, form with water the secret base of a good infusion for rebalancing or pure pleasure. The plant choice should preferably be from biological production, to ensure that its properties … Read More