How to cleanse, energize and ask for help from a crystal?

Esfera Dourada’s photo.    When we are offered, or we find or buy a crystal, we must clean it to ensure that all incoming and transformed energies are no longer active.

Crystals are Beings of Light with perfect molecular sequence and high-frequency electromagnetic synchrony, which allows them to be receivers, transformers, conductors, and amplifiers of energy. This is why the frequency of use and the intensity that is required of you to help cleanse the energy of certain physical spaces, to harmonize the energetic and vibratory imbalances in Human Beings, as well as other works, makes it important that they are cleaned at a certain frequency. An action that also requires energization, because only then can the crystals continue to be our “guardians”.

When to clean a crystal?

When we are offered, or we find or buy a crystal, we must clean it to ensure that all incoming and transformed energies are no longer active. The initial cleansing action is essential so that you can then move on to its energization and only after initiating the call for help.

Equally important is the maintenance cleaning operation. Here, it is sensitivity and awareness that dictate the rules, depending on the frequency and intensity of the work done with the crystal. For example, a crystal that works in a very busy environment needs to be cleaned more than once a month.

For those who have knowledge of Vibratory Language, you can use the pendulum to find out if it is necessary to clean the crystal.

Are all crystals cleaned the same way?

No. Cleaning always depends on the type of crystal. These living things have a mineral composition and a level of hardness that varies from crystal to crystal, and it is these characteristics that determine their sensitivity to the cleansing action.

A Quartz Crystal or a Topaz has a level of resistance suitable for cleaning with water, the action of a cloth, or a small brush to remove any impurities attracted by environmental pollution. The worked diamond is quite strong, but it can be easily scratched with a less delicate cleaning operation.

However, there are crystals such as Lapis Lazuli, Sulfur, Hematite, or Selenite, among others, which are very porous or have a low degree of hardness, and should be cleaned with dry or with the help of other crystals. Cleaning with water should be avoided, as this may dissolve the crystal or cause it to lose its original colors.

It is essential to always check what type of crystal we have and to select the most suitable cleaning and when in doubt, do not take any risks, always prefer dry cleaning, using other crystals, or vibratory cleaning.

Esfera Dourada’s photo.     Energetic cleansing can be done by placing the crystal on or next to a large Quartz Crystal Druse (pictured), Amethyst, or next to a Selenite.

How to clean a crystal?

There must be a telepathic dialogue with the crystal to sense its needs, such as if it needs a cleansing. To cleanse a crystal, you can choose three ways: physical cleansing, through other crystals, or vibrational cleansing.

  • Physical dry cleaning of a crystal can be done with a cotton cloth or brush to remove dirt, dust and other accumulated items. This is an appropriate cleaning, for example, for an Amethyst Druse, Crystal Quartz, or Crystal Geode. Never use chemicals, as they can react in contact with the minerals in the crystal and destroy this Living Being. Another way to dry clean a crystal is to use soil. Wrap the crystal in a cotton cloth and place it underground for a period of two to seven days. This operation should preferably be carried out in a waning moon phase. After removing the crystal from the earth, wash it under running water.
  • Wet cleaning can be done with tap water or spring water. Wash the crystal and leave it submerged in water for a few hours or even overnight. However, if you want to clean a Crystal Quartz fountain where there are already traces of limestone, then mix a little alcohol in the water to be able to remove these small residues.
  • If the cleaning is done through a crystal, then choose one with strong vibratory support. Choose a medium or large Druse of Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, or a large Selenite. The interaction of this great crystal will be enough to cleanse the energy of your crystals.
  • For vibratory cleansing, it is essential that you have knowledge of the vibrational language and know how to use the pendulum. For those who are skilled, you can easily clean up harmful, negative, black magic, disease, or malicious matrix energies.

How to energize a crystal?

The most common energization of a crystal is the light of the Moon and the Sun.

To energize a crystal, place it in a clay bowl filled with pure water, capturing the second full moon night until the morning of the next day. The ideal is until 9:00 a.m., when the intensity of the sun is not yet very strong, as there are crystals that can see their original colors altered or suffer other damage from the intensity of the sun.

It is a care, for example, for crystals such as Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Pink or Green Quartz, Aquamarine, or Turquoise, among others. The ideal is to capture the strong feminine energy of the Moon and only the first hours of solar rays which transmit the masculine energy.

You can also energize the crystal through the earth – bury the crystal in the forest – the sea or do it through the Vibratory Language of Life at the Molecular Base.

How to ask for help from a crystal?

When asking a crystal for help, have a predefined goal. It can be about transforming the energies of the home, in the workplace, assisting in healing processes, expanding cosmic consciousness, or simply protecting, among others.

The easiest way to do this is through meditation. You have to choose a serene and relaxing environment, at home, outdoors, to listen to the crystal. Put the crystal in your hands, feel its energy and all the interaction with the organization of the Mineral Kingdom and its leaders, think or verbalize what help you want from the crystal. Use clear, concise, and positive thinking. For example, if you need protection, ask permission from those in charge of the Mineral Kingdom to help the crystal fulfill its mission to protect you.

You must be aware that the crystal must be treated with respect and love because it is a Living Being of the Mineral Kingdom. The energetic and vibratory properties of a crystal impact our vibratory energy, as well as the energy of the space where the crystal will be located, and the energy of others. The crystals constitute the materialization of the vibratory energy of the stars and it is this energy of the stars which makes the vibratory and cellular link between the four kingdoms of the Planet.

Pixabay’s photo.       The crystals constitute the materialization of the vibratory energy of the stars and it is this energy which makes the link between the four kingdoms of the Planet.

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