A closer look to 18 crystals

Esfera Dourada’s photo.     In this circle are represented the great deposits of the new Era of Aquarius from Planet Earth.

In the light and consciousness of the vibratory language of life at the molecular basis, there are, inside the Planet Gaia, 18 crystals deposits with different chemical compositions that allow them to be in resonance with the vibration emitted by the new Era of Aquarius. Other deposits still are in resonance with the Era of Pisces, that is, they emit, some more than others, energies with a vibration, still outside of the new planetary order already inserted in the solar system.

Crystals are conductors and amplifiers of cosmic or galactic forces, because they are the expression of light and life of the stars on our physical plane.

Let’s analyze some characteristics of the crystals belonging to these deposits.


Esfera Dourada’s photo.      These are two rough diamonds, meaning they have not yet been honed.

It is pure crystallized carbon formed by the action of high temperatures and the pressure of thousands of years. This mineral being, transmits an uneven, pure and perfect penetrating brilliance, comparable only to the energy of life, in which white light is the total equilibrium of all colors. Its harshness is also seen as an invincible spiritual power, equivalent to eternal faithfulness. It is considered by many to be one of the evolutionary pinnacles of nature, similar to the Roses – these flowers have their spiral opening in the same direction of the galaxy.

It is not a coincidence that many couples celebrate the beginning of their relationship with a noble diamond and a bouquet of roses.

Ignoring the diamond’s material value, its light and energy is widely used in healing therapies. The daily use of diamond helps to develop awareness of spirituality, strengthens the strength and the self-confidence. The associated metals are platinum, silver, and steel.

The Diamond has vibratory interaction with:

  • the Ursa Major constellation
  • the Knowledge
  • the cardinal point East (E)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.   This crystal is a variety of quartz of volcanic origin.

White or black are the most common colors, although there are other shades and it may also contain red, yellow, brown or pink veins. This crystal is a variety of quartz of volcanic origin, its composition has silicon oxide and the region where you can find it in more abundance is in Mexico.

The popularity of onyx is due to its characteristic of lightning rods of negative energies, promoting the balance of energies yin and yang. A feeling of security that makes us feel more at ease in the environment where we relate, personal or professional. Regular use promotes a greater balance of the body and the soul.

The Onyx has vibrating interaction with:

  • the Boötes constellation
  • the Will
  • the cardinal point East-southeast (ESE)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     Turquoise is very useful for cleaning and energizing our body.

It is known as the “Lucky Stone”. This gem whose color oscillates between blue and green, may contain bands or dark spots, offering fresh, quiet and relaxing energy.

It is considered by the Tibetans and Buddhists a sacred stone, because through meditation with the help of this Being a great peace of mind is achieved. An emotional balance of the body, the soul, and the spirit resulting from the communication between the earth and the sky that also reinforces the intuition of the human being.

Turquoise is very useful for cleaning and energizing our body.

Aluminum phosphate, potassium, and copper are the minerals present in this crystal.

The Turquoise is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Corona Borealis constellation
  • the Freedom
  • the cardinal point Southeast (SE)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     For many people, the amethyst symbolizes wisdom, humility, sincerity and divine love.

It is a variety of hyaline quartz crystal, but with a violet color. This confers balance, stability and for many symbolizes wisdom, humility, sincerity and divine love. The energy emanated by the amethyst favors the connection to our inner self, so it is also one of the crystals much used in meditation.

Feel the vibration of an amethyst’s energy through your hand and you will see it helps you to unlock fears, increase confidence, and amplify the thoughts of spiritual reality in your life. It is not a coincidence that it is widely used as a protective amulet.

The main amethyst deposits are located in Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar.

The Amethyst is rich in iron and manganese and is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Cygnus constellation
  • the Truth
  • the cardinal point Su-Southeast (SSE)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     The moonstone absorbs energy from the moon, calms the mind and it is related to human emotions.

Milky white colored that evokes the clarity of the Moon, though silver translucent with green and light blue tones, the moonstone reinforces our feminine side, more associated with the sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance. It absorbs energy from the moon, calms the mind and is related to human emotions. It can be used against stress, depressions and protects against self-destructive tendencies.

This crystal is a mineral belonging to the class of silicates, a salt derived from the silicon (SiO2).

Moonstone deposits are most commonly found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Burma, the United States, Brazil, India, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

The Moonstone is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Hydra constellation
  • the Moon
  • the Vibratory support
  • the cardinal point South (S)

Lapis lazuli

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The energy of the lapis-lazuli crystal expands the thought and promotes harmony.

Its deep blue color, which varies from medium to real, has white and gold streaks, which gives it an elitist personality. It is a natural aluminum and sodium silicate.

In ancient Egypt lapis lazuli was synonymous of social rise, used by priests and royalty. It is a powerful amplifier of thought and helps to harmonize the interaction of the body with the soul and with the spirit.

Most of the lapis lazuli crystal deposits are located in Russia and Afghanistan.

The Lapis Lazuli has a vibrating interaction with:

  • the Perseus constellation
  • the Quantity Number
  • the cardinal point Su-southwest (SSW)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.    The topaz is a crystal that interacts in the Wind Rose through the Southwest cardinal point.

It can be found in green, blue, yellow, brown or even transparent shades and it exerts a great power of relaxation and comfort.

Experts believe that this crystal awakens the artistic vein, which is why it is used by many musicians, painters, and other artists. Topaz is a privileged channel between the material and the spiritual.

The larger deposits of topaz are found in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

The Topaz is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Centaurus constellation
  • the Essence
  • the cardinal point Southwest (SW)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     The Sapphire is seen since the medieval era as a crystal with an energy that attracts good fortune, justice and intelligence.

Its most common tone is a deep blue that reminds us of the sky, but we can also find it in yellow, pink, transparent, green, violet or black.

Known as the “Destiny Stone”, the sapphire is a variety of corundum, a monocrystalline mineral of aluminum oxide.

Specialists consider that this mineral Being symbolizes the sky and the divine. Even in medieval times, the sapphire was seen as a crystal used as a sign of good fortune, material and spiritual, strength, goodness, justice, and intelligence.

Whatever its color, the truth is that the sapphire transmits tranquility and pushes away negative feelings and promotes harmony and peace.

The larger deposits of sapphires are found in the United States, Australia, and India.

The Sapphire is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Orion constellation
  • the Transcendental Time
  • the cardinal point Wes-Southwest (WSW)

Crystal Quartz

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      Crystal Quartz is a true healer because it allows you to clear and unlock energies from a body or a from a place.

Crystal Quartz usually has a transparent shade and radiates white energy that contains all colors. The appearance of this crystal looks like an ice block, that does not melt. It’s the cleaner crystal.

Experts attribute it great healing properties due to its amplifier and purifier power, that allows unlocking vibrationally the flow of energy in the body, the soul, and the spirit. He is seen as a true healer without a specific specialty.

Crystal Quartz is seen as the symbol of purity, freedom, the infinity of space, patience, and perseverance.

The Crystal Rock is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Cassiopeia constellation
  • the Wisdom
  • the cardinal point West (W)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The energy of the aquamarine crystal reduces the sensation of fear and promotes intuition.

A greenish-colored crystal, reminiscent of the sea water and the blue of the sky, a rarity appreciated since the earliest times. Named by the Greeks as the Protective Crystal of the Sirens, aquamarine is known for its ability to harmonize environments, reduce fear and sharpen intuition. It is not a coincidence that it is used as an amulet for sea lovers.

Aluminum, beryllium, silicate with chromium and magnesium are some minerals that make up this crystal.

The larger deposits of aquamarine are found in the United States, Mexico, the Soviet Union, Brazil, and India.

The Aquamarine is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Canis Major constellation
  • the Acceptance
  • the cardinal point Wes-Northwest (WNW)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The energy of the magnetite exerts the function of dynamizing the laws of the elements of nature.

Black and shiny-metallic colored it is considered a twin crystal, since one has a shiny and smooth appearance and the other has a dull and rough texture. It is not a coincidence that its magnetic properties have long been used by man to make the first compasses.

Its feminine and masculine energy allows to clean and harmonize the body and to relax the aura. This crystal is also widely used for faster access to a higher plane. It also has a function with the laws of the elements of nature (Aether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) that is to propel them in their movements, serving as a dynamizer.

The Magnetite has a vibrating interaction with:

  • the Hercules constellation
  • the Responsibility
  • the cardinal point Northwest (NW)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     The emerald crystal energy helps to boost the immune system.

It is one of the most popular jewelry crystals for its green beauty, seen as an authentic natural garden. It belongs to the beryl family, such as the aquamarine and it may also be found in a transparent or translucent tone.

According to experts, the emerald enhances the psychic ability, increases awareness and helps the Being to acquire balance, it also strengthens the immune system.

The emerald contains aluminum, beryl, silicon, sulfur, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. The largest deposits are in countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, Zambia, South Africa, and Brazil.

The Emerald is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Lyra constellation
  • the Justice
  • the cardinal point North-Northwest (NNW)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The sunstone energy transmits safety and promotes self-esteem.

Reddish-brown or lilac-blue colored, it reflects cheerful, positive, and warm energy and also transmits safety. The Greeks considered that this crystal had as a function to keep the Earth in its place and the Sun in the sky, hence denominated “Stone of Gold”.

According to the experts, the sunstone produces in our body an effect of serenity, calm and promotes self-esteem.

Sodium, calcium, sulfur, aluminum, silica, iron, chromium and selenium are the minerals that make up this crystal.

The Sunstone is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Argo constellation
  • the Sun
  • the Unextinguishable Energy
  • the cardinal point North (N)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.    The opal crystal stimulates the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

Its delicate shades between fire-red or orange, white, black, brown, green, blue or gray, make the opals Beings extremely sensitive, as they contain up to 30% of water and if they suffer a heavy blow they can lose that water, that is responsible for its opalescence.

This mineral Being can intensify the cosmic consciousness, bring joy and creativity and according to experts stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, in addition to restoring emotional balance. Ancient Egyptian Hierophants used, especially the white opal and the fire opal, for magic treatments (the Magic laws are above of the Alchemy laws) in health.

The Opal has hydrated silicon dioxide

This crystal is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Corvus constellation
  • the Quality Number
  • the cardinal point North-Northeast (NNE)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     The chrysoprase energy has a great vibratory interference with the reproductive organs and the hormonal system of the Human Being.

Shiny-green tone’s crystal that varies between light and dark, can be translucent or even transparent. It belongs to the crystal quartz family and contains silica, dioxide with nickel, chromium, manganese, calcium, zinc, iron and sulfur.

The chrysoprase offers a calming effect, of inner harmony, freshness, and joy. According to experts, this crystal transmits energy that has a great influence on the reproductive organs or hormonal system.

This crystal is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Crater Constellation
  • the Consciousness
  • the cardinal point Northeast (NE)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The ruby can easily amplify the positive or negative energy transmitted by a human being, its handling must be done with care.

Red, pink and lavender tone crystal. Its origin geometry is a hexagon, just like our cells and the honeycombs, that is, originates from the gold number.

Diamond’s companion, is an energy amplifier, both positive and negative, which causes the experts to warn for a cautious handling. Because the ruby can easily amplify the feelings and emotions that the nature of the Human being contains in his liver.

The Indians consider this a very valuable stone for preserving the health of the body and mind. This stone stimulates creativity, confidence, vitality and leadership power.

In its chemical composition, we find aluminum oxide.

The Ruby is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Draco constellation
  • the Transcendental Space
  • the cardinal point East-Northeast (ENE)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The Indians consider that the obsidian has a healing energy in our body.

Crystal of volcanic origin that presents in several shades that vary between brown, gray and three shades of black. There is the Rainbow Obsidian, with the incidences of the Sun it forms, in a circle, the seven colors of the rainbow; the Snowflake, with white inlays and the totally black Obsidian.

These obsidian deposits have the function to energize from the sky to the earth, in the counterclockwise direction, the whole set of 16 crystals in the 16 cardinal points, which are paths of energy.

The obsidian was seen by the Indians as a healing force, considering it “God’s Strength on Earth.” The experts admit that this crystal cleans and harmonizes the body, soul, and spirit.

This crystal has in its chemical composition more than 70% of silicon dioxide and other minerals such as iron and magnesium, among others.

The Obsidian, together with the constellation Ursa Minor, has the function of dynamizing, in a counterclockwise direction, the 16 deposits of crystals.

The Obsidian is in vibratory interaction with:

  • the Ursa Minor constellation
  • (it is outside of the cardinal points and has a dynamizing function, along with the constellation that interacts with it)


Esfera Dourada’s photo.     It is not a crystal, but because it is conceived in the sea, its energy exerts a dynamizing influence on the energy of the crystals that are in tune with the Zodiacal Era of Aquarius.

The pearl is a symbol of purity that brings together the three philosophical principles of life and which, being conceived in the sea from an alchemical process inside an Oyster, has the energizing function of the energy of the crystals.

These hard spheres exist in great variety, being the natural ones of marine origin, not of nursery and with white or black colors. Other tones may also be found but they might have been raised in a nursery or river.

Pearls are attuned to women, especially pregnant women.

Traditionally, the pearl is a symbol of modesty and purity and according to experts they are by nature absorbent beings, so some attention is recommended in its use. If you want to interact with pearls in its function, avoid nursery or rivers pearls.

The pearl combined with the Lupus Constellation has the function of dynamizing, in a clockwise direction, the 16 deposits of crystals, in a coherent and conform opposition like the obsidian that interacts with the Ursa Minor Constellation. These two movements occur outside the circle representing the cardinal points, as it can be seen in the first image of this brief analysis on crystals.

The Pearl is in vibratory interaction with:

  • The Lupus Constellation
  • (it is outside of the cardinal points and has a dynamizing function, along with the constellation that interacts with it)

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