The vibratory Flower Essences are a “treasure” of nature

Josch13’s photo on Pixabay.   Each floral essence contains the energetic and vibratory properties of the elements of nature that gives birth to it, it can be a plant, an animal, a crystal, a planet, or even a crop circle.

Flower essences are harmony catalysts to help overcome imbalances caused by accumulated emotions and feelings or blockages, and again restore levels of peace, harmony, tolerance, love, sociability, confidence, vitality, regeneration, joy, strength to live, intuition, and creativity, among others.

Human Beings, Animals, or Plants, when they interact with a flower essence, by ingestion or by contact, begin to receive by resonance the vibratory properties it contains. It is a direct interaction with the vibratory pyramids which constitute the sacred geometry of each living Being and which allows increasing, in a natural way, the capacity of regeneration and rebalancing of the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body.

Flower Essences Therapy utilizes all the properties of the energetic and vibrational structure existing in the element of nature with which the essence is made. These can be made from a mineral, crystal, metal, plant, land or sea animal, ocean living being, planet, a pleiad, or even a crop circle. Each of these patterns of vibrational energy, which varies from essence to essence, will act as catalysts in the process of transformation and expansion, allowing the Living Being to overcome accumulated imbalances such as fear, l insecurity, sadness, uncertainty, anger, worry, stress, anxiety, blockages, trauma, hopelessness, among others.

The energy essences act at the root of the imbalance or blockage, manifested at the vibratory level and not on its symptoms, assuming itself as a real energetic, vibratory, and affirmative catalyst which contributes to reinforce the need to overcome, unblock or eliminate the imbalances that they accompany us on a daily basis and in our development as a Being.

The energy essences are considered to be the maximum exponent of the use of the treasures that nature, in particular GAIA Mother Earth, offers us to maintain balance and good health.

Stux’s photo on Pixabay.   Edward Bach developed the modern basics of flower therapy and created 38 flower essences from flowers, known worldwide as Bach Flowers.

Edward Bach made flower essences famous

Using plants to treat mental, emotional, or physical blockages and imbalances has been a common practice since ancient times, as evidenced by ancient Egyptian healing methods, traditional Chinese or Indian medicine (Ayurveda). But flower essences really started to gain notoriety in the 20s and 30s of the last century with Edward Bach, a doctor, and homeopath of British origin. Considered the “father” of the modern foundations of flower essences therapy, Bach developed – after several discoveries in the field of bacteriology and homeopathy – a set of 38 essences, known today all over the world. under the name of Bach Flowers.

It all started when Edward Bach had a serious health problem in which, after surgery, he had only three months to live. Faced with this announcement, Bach decided to intensify his working life in the laboratory to forget about the problem and concluded that awareness of a goal in life made him healthier every day. Bach lived another 22 years.

The truth is that from an early age Bach realized that people’s personalities and attitudes influenced their state of health. It clicked so well that, years later, Edward Bach moved from the lab and office where he worked to country life in Wales, to devote himself to researching herbal remedies and herbal remedies. nature.

It was one morning while walking in the field covered with dew, that Bach observed that each drop of this dew, warmed by the sun, acquired the healing properties [vibratory energy] of the plant in which it was deposited. It was the inspiration that enabled Bach to develop the method of preparing flower essences and later to see through experiences that the vibrational energy of each flower or plant helped to balance specific states of mental and emotional suffering.

The development of the application of flower essences has grown in importance over the years and today they are widely used in vibrational medicine, the harmonization of healing methods of which work preferentially through the subtle bodies. In other words, the energetic and vibratory rebalancing of the subtle bodies and vibratory vortices (captured by the chakras) allows to undo many imbalances or blockages and helps to restore order in the sacred geometry of the Human Being, with a direct impact. on the mind, soul, and in the physical body.

Esfera Dourada’s photo.   Andréas Korte has developed the new generation of vibrating flower essences through crystal geodes in total harmony with nature and the planet. He has created over 600 flower essences.

Biologist Andréas Korte creates the new generation essences

Like Bach, the German researcher and biologist Andréas Korte decided, in 1984, to also develop vibratory flower essences, but using a totally innovative method. Andreas captures the wave of light and vibration of the element of nature selected for the essence through crystal geodes. The innovative process prevents, for example, that a plant is sacrificed and the energy of its cut is captured in the creation of the essence, unlike what happens in Bach flowers.

The new generation of vibratory flower essences, developed by PHI Essences, directed by Andreas Korte, does not contain any animal, vegetable, or mineral substance, only its vibratory energy, and all products are Vegan. It is thanks to a new awareness of creation, in total harmony and with respect for Nature and the Planet, that these new essences have proven their worth and are now valued and used in many countries, although PHI does not claim any type of therapeutic right for its essences.

PHI Essences already has a portfolio of more than 600 vibratory essences, collected in different parts of the Planet, ranging from minerals, crystals, metals, plants, land and sea animals, living beings of the oceans, planets, Pleiades, and even crop circles. All of these flower essences can be consumed by Human Beings or applied to animals and plants.

Andréas Korte’s team also takes advantage of all the work developed through the development of vibratory essences to carry out water activation work and environmental treatment investigations in risk areas such as Chernobyl, in Ukraine, Tokai, in Japan, or in the Amazon.