The vibratory Flower Essences are a “treasure” of nature

Flower essences are harmony catalysts to help overcome imbalances caused by accumulated emotions and feelings or blockages, and again restore levels of peace, harmony, tolerance, love, sociability, confidence, vitality, regeneration, joy, strength to live, intuition, and creativity, among others. Human … Read More

The energy that makes atoms, cells and the universe vibrate

“Nothing stands still; everything moves; everything vibrates.” This is the law of vibration, which according to the ancient pharaohs of Egypt means that since atoms, cells (in our body there are about 100 trillion cells), human beings, animals, vegetables, metals, … Read More

Nutrition of Light

Food is a basic and indispensable condition of our state as Human Beings, manifested and incarnated in a body (matter) of animal origin, on the Planet Gaia, the Mother Earth. There are still populations maintaining some awareness of the necessary … Read More

Biophotons are the Light of our Life

We, Human Beings, are much more than atoms, cells or matter, we are Beings of Light. Our organism captures, produces and emits Biophotons (from the Greek bio meaning “life” and Photons meaning “light”), which are only detected by ultra-sensitive optical readers. … Read More