Crystals deposits are the star’s energy

Skeeze’s photo in Pixabay.      Crystals are the star’s energy materialized on Planet Earth.

Crystals deposits, which are really appreciated by the Human Being, are Light Beings that transmit the vibrations directly from the stars, because they are the crystallization of this energy manifested in the physical plane within Planet Earth.

Crystals have a perfect molecular and electromagnetic arrangement of high frequency, assuming themselves as receptors, conductors and amplifiers of energy – it is no coincidence that they are used in clocks, computer chips or fiber optics – helping in the physical, mental and spiritual plane.

Crystal’s energy is the guiding wire of cellular connection between the four kingdoms of the planet since they have the function of capturing, transforming and emitting energy.

It is known that crystals were already used in the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations, in housing constructions or in spiritual healings, among other uses.

Greeks also considered the crystals the third eye of the Earth, while the Roman people used to do rituals with crystals to capture the cosmo’s energy.

We must, therefore, respect and interact with these Beings, whose energetic power strengthens and develops our consciousness as an human being. For some it can even represent the rebalancing of its energy systems, being connected with the cosmic channel, that is, the gateway to the energy of the universe (Celestial Trans-terrestrial Sphere’s energy access).

The interaction with crystals requires, however, that there is a clear intention manifested through the heart and the intuition. A simple contemplation already allows to receive the energetic vibration, in which the light and the purity make us move to other dimensions and realities.

Feeling chosen or choose?

The energy provided by each crystal is unique. According to the memories of this knowledge, you can have an easier path to interact with a crystal. From this interaction use your intuition, feel the beauty, the energetic magnetism and perceive with which you have more tuning. When there is a connection it is possible to feel the pulse of the transmitted energy, because it is the crystal that chooses us and not the other way around.

Daniel Albany’s photo in Pixabay.       Feel the beauty and the energetic magnetism to know if you are the chosen one by the crystal.

How to clean and energize a crystal

Wrap the crystals in a cotton cloth and place them inside the earth from two to seven days. This is an operation that should be done preferably in the moon waning room phase. For those who do not have a backyard, you can use a vase and put the crystals there until they are completely covered with soil. After this operation, the crystals should be washed in pure water.

To energize a crystal, place it in a clay bowl filled with pure water, choose the second night of Full Moon and leave it until noon, thus enjoying the female energy of the Moon and the male of the Sun.

How to Interact with a Crystal

Being aware of the crystal’s potential, we will ask it from help to be the guardian of a space – a room, a living room, an office, a house, where it will be responsible for the harmony and the energy balance of that place.

In this help request for the crystal’s interaction pay attention to the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and acts, because the Era of Aquarius implies that any request out of order, the crystal will amplify and return that energy. So, have an interaction with Love.

The ideal is to place the crystals in the place needed, asking for the help of the Mineral Kingdom organization, breathing and feeling the energy emanating from the crystal.

We remember you that there are 17 deposits vibrating in the Era of Aquarius, all the others are still impregnated in the Era of Pisces and many of them can emit the energy of imbalances that can be named as diseases.

We can also interact more directly with the crystal, for example, Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, the true Sunstone or a Rainbow Obsidian. Place one of these crystals on the third eye in the vibrating vortex of the frontal chakra (between the eyebrows) and visualize the image through a clear thought of what you want so that this energy is absorbed by the crystal. We then let act the energy of the crystal in its function and in our moment of evolution on the planet Earth.

You can also place the crystal in the center of the chest to feel the energy that emanates within our balance need at that moment.

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