Avocado is the new “Green Gold”

The avocado tree is native to Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, and the West Indies), it belongs to the Lauraceae family, but today it can be found anywhere in the world. It is a plant whose flowers are hermaphrodites – it … Read More

15 plants that purify the house

 Lavender Lavender, known in the science world by Lavandula Angustifolia, is a small shrub, perennial, from the Lamiaceae family. Its small size (30 to 80 centimeters in height) does not undermine the greatness of its relaxing and tranquil perfume, as … Read More

Moringa is the tree of life that had Fidel Castro as a fan

The ‘tree of life’ originated in Asia and Africa, but quickly spread throughout the world, particularly in tropical and subtropical countries, thanks to its powerful food and medicinal nutrients. The ancient Hindu writings already made references to Moringa, also the … Read More

Avocado consumption helps to balance the human body

The avocado tree is an imposing tree, it can reach 20 meters in height and its trunk is embraced by brownish branches, covered by aromatic leaves of a dark green tone that offer, once a year, a real gem called … Read More