The United States of America assume that no vaccine is completely safe

USA-Reiseblogger Simon’s photo in Pixabay.     The US Vaccine Court has already forced the state to pay $ 3.1 billion in compensation to vaccine victims in 30 years.

The uncertainty about the safety of vaccines is explicitly assumed by the US government itself and by the authorities, unlike what happens in most countries.

“Before vaccines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they are extensively tested by scientists to ensure they are effective and safe. Vaccines are the best defense against infectious diseases; However, no vaccine is actually 100% safe or effective for everyone, because each person’s body reacts to vaccines differently”, says the US Center for the Control and Prevention of Diseases. (Read the full document).

Realizing that there are serious risks inherent in vaccination, the US government decided in 1986 to immunize the pharmacists from potential vaccine damage but made it mandatory for the state to pay compensation to vaccine victims.

Until 2016, the US “vaccine court” has already paid $3.1 billion in compensation to families of children who have been vaccinated.

According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), which accepts and analyzes reports of adverse events after vaccination – any consumer, doctor or other entity can file a complaint, it has revealed through its official website that 145,000 suspected deaths were analyzed of vaccination since this organism was created until 2017.

The uncertainty about the efficacy of vaccines and also the fact that there is no requirement – although there are exceptions in some states – has led to more and more Americans, the latest data point to about 20%, to delay vaccination of their children or even decide not to give them.

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