The flu? It’s just an elimination

Pepper Mint’s photo in Pixabay.   The release of leaves in autumn is the natural cycle of climate on the Planet and the Human Being must have awareness and fluidity to know how to follow it.

Cellular readjustments such as flu, colds or allergies may appear at the beginning of each season.


It is the natural cycle of the climate on the Planet and the Human Being must have awareness and fluidity to know how to follow it.

It is not a coincidence that the trees begin to release their leaves in the AUTUMN, the first season, in a preparation for gestation developed in the WINTER that will allow the germination, to happen in the SPRING, and the harvest of the fruit, which is often done in the SUMMER.

This is the interaction between the four seasons of the year and the influence of the five elements of nature (Aether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) that the Human Being sometimes fails to keep up with these transitions.

It is essential to follow these transitions in these cycles every three months or more specifically every 45 days (see the text about the seasons of the year).

In AUTUMN, under the influence of the water element, occurs the cycle of the releasing of feelings, memories, emotions, thoughts, acts and certain energies that may come to manifest respiratory alterations named as: colds, flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia or allergies, among others. At this stage, our organs most involved are the kidneys and the bladder, where urinary infections or certain renal manifestations may also occur.

Those eliminations, if they are unresolved, can cause blockages and re-manifest again in other seasons of the year:

  • In WINTER, under the influence of the earth element, there is a greater rest and contemplation to receive and boost the energy of new seeds and of a new evolution. It is up to the Human Being, also in its contemplation, to go to its essence to internally create new patterns, projects, and new feelings. All this new movement comes to us through the blood and we must symbolically know how to digest this new information through the stomach and the spleen;
  • In the SPRING is the air element that exerts greater influence in the responsibility of a new germination. Following this movement, the Human Being must know how to breathe, symbolically, the energy of the air of a new dynamics created by itself in WINTER. Lungs and intestines that distribute this energy are responsible for this new germination;
  • In the SUMMER, under the influence of the fire element, it’s time to harvest the fruit of all the work done in the previous seasons. Thus, the Human Being must use his consciousness to reap only what he has sown and must interact and know how to exchange with others. It is through the liver and the gallbladder, bearer of an alchemical fire, that it allows this receiving and exchange.

The Human Being must allow this process of eliminations to happen naturally, otherwise, they will accumulate, season after season, penalizing the cycle of renewals every seven years, where the consequence may allow the creation of negative stresses or even imbalances degenerative diseases.

Mojca JJ’s photo in Pixabay.       At the first signs of a flu or cold curb the imbalance, take a deep breath and prepare a hot bath of sea salt and ginger.

What to do at the first signs of this type of elimination?

Any of these eliminations give signs 48 hours earlier through sneezing, internal cold, headache, throat and the body itself.

Do not panic.

Panic is a lack of control in our duality, between our feminine and masculine energy and vice versa, between our left and right hemispheres, in our verticality and vibratory support.

Listen to the heart of your Inner Self. Take a deep breath nine times, inhaling and exhaling slowly, in order to focus the energy on you.

Esfera Dorada’s photo.      Propolis and echinacea can help to overcome eliminations named as colds or flu.

What to take to help

  • With the first signs we should take for example phytotherapy:

Propolis (preferably pure and pay attention, check if you are allergic. Avoid putting propolis in a glass with water because all properties will accumulate in the glass and not in the organism), Echinacea, Thyme and Eubiotic.

  • Floral or flower essence:

Rescue or RQ7.

  • You should drink tea four times a day:

Thyme, pennyroyal, juniper, cinnamon, clove or lemon tea (these can be drunk with honey), and drink water, interspersed, as this helps the elimination action that the body is proposing to do.


Salt and ginger bath

We also have the great help of the salt and ginger bath, preferably before bedtime. Once or twice a day, you should prepare a hot soaking bath where the water should reach the armpits. In the water place two hands full of sea salt and two tablespoons of ginger, (if you have high blood pressure, reduce the temperature of the water until lukewarm) and let yourself float for 20 minutes. During this time, take the opportunity to close your eyes, relax as much as possible, breathe slowly and deeply for 18 continuous times to fully relax. Then, without removing salt and ginger from the body, wipe off and drink another tea or water and let the sleep help you to recover. You should rest for at least one hour after bathing if it is not taken at night (read more about ginger baths in texts and videos on this site).

If you do not have a bath you can use a bowl of hot water with salt and ginger, and submerged your feet until your ankles.


Ginger towels

Utensils needed:

  • three white towels folded twice in their length;
  • a plastic slightly larger than the width and length of your back;
  • a wooden spoon;
  • sea salt and ginger powder;
  • tow liters of water;
  • a pan.

Put a pan on the heat with hot water with a tablespoon of ginger and tow tablespoon of sea salt. When it is boiling, turn off the heat and bring the pan to the sink. Then, hold the first of the two medium towels, fold it vertically twice and join the two ends in your hand. In the middle of the towel, place the handle of the wooden spoon so that it can be immersed in hot water without burning. Then lift the towel from the pan and start twisting so that it will be very hot, but only moistened. After twisting the three towels wrap them in the plastic and bring everything to the bedroom.

Then, carefully, put the two towels on the back of the person lying on its belly. The third towel is crossed from shoulder to shoulder. Be careful that the cold ends of the towel should not be in contact with the body, turn them upwards. Then cover the towels with a large plastic to make a greenhouse effect and cover the person immediately with blankets. Towels should be removed 30 minutes later, but if the person falls asleep it’s not a problem. Rest and sleep help 50% to 70% recovery, as subtle bodies and vibratory vortex work at other levels of reality (learn more on ginger towels in texts and videos on this site).

Congerdesign’s photo in Pixabay.   Fever means that the immune system is acting against stress that affects the body.

What to do with fever

The fever must be felt with awareness, as it is a sign that the defense system of our organism has come into action in favor of a rapid rebalancing. Fever is controlled by our immune system, through our duality expressed by the first three layers of the skin (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm), corresponding to the three philosophical principles of life (Tao, Ying and Yang), to the first three layers of the soul, to the Aether element and to the San Jiao (Triple Heater). The temperature of the body varies with each human being, so it is necessary to characterize the type of fever. There are continuous and persistent fevers (they remain throughout the day), intermittent (varying during the day) and sporadic.

The temperature of the body (fever) is lined with the influence of the sea tides. At high tide, it is natural for the fever to rise and at the ebb tide, that it descends. But if at ebb tide the fever remains high, then it is a sign that the organism presents the beginning of an infection. Not wanting to have a fever is not wanting to resolve an internal dynamic between elimination or restructuring and a new order. In practice, it is the same as calling the police or firefighters, but then preventing them from carrying out the duties. Be aware that doing or taking something to stop the fever is the same as asking the defense system to stop acting in favor of a rebalancing (read more about psychostasis in texts on this website).

How to act?

In low fevers, the best solution is to take nothing and control it, for example, with cold water wipes on the forehead. You can also use potato or apple slices, both with the peel, or even an apple tea with its peel and take echinacea, thyme, and rescue floral or RQ7.

At higher temperatures, 38º or 39º, depending on the person, you can use Bach Rescue floral or RQ7 on the forehead, energy sources, nape, behind the ears, knees and inner part of the wrists. You can also take this floral, according to your nature, because it has a self-regenerating function. In the case of higher fevers, you should take phytotherapy or a bath of salt and ginger and in case of infection, you can resort to homeopathy.

Gerd Altmann’s photo in Pixabay.      A few drops of Thuja helps to fight the cough.

How to deal with cough

Coughing is usually a consequence of an elimination, refreshes through the airways and can be helped with:

Phytotherapy – Thuja, Echinacea,

Florals – Rescue Floral or RQ7

Homeopathy – Thuja

You can still use ointments of thuja, propolis or oak shoots before bedtime. The chosen ointment should be applied to the chest, back, and soles of the feet.

Solution through vibratory language

For those who already have notions about the vibrational language at the molecular basis and know how to use it through dowsing, with the help of a pendulum and its micro-organization between alchemical metals, planets and constellations, you may not even need to take any of this (read more in texts on the vibrational language of life).

kamila211’s photo in Pixabay.   A diet of organic products helps to balance the organism.


In the case of elimination, the food needs special attention, which varies from each person, according to its nature and function. When the organism is in the process of elimination or restructuring, not much food is needed because 75% of the energy needed for digestion can be centralized to help the systems involved in rebalancing the organism. It is preferable to drink water, natural and fresh herbal teas or natural juices (carrot, apple…).

Even after an elimination, you should avoid, for at least 14 days, eating red meats, dairy products, and their derivatives and carbonated drinks. It is important to choose vegetables, fruits, preferably 100% organic and do not forget superfoods such as garlic, ginger, onion, lemon, honey, turmeric, and aromatic herbs.

What should I have at home?

To avoid last minute surprises in case of elimination stresses you must have at home natural products like:

Phytotherapy: Echinacea, Propolis, Thymus, Eubiótico, Orange flower.

Bach Flowers: Rescue

Other Ingredients: Fresh ginger (root) or powder and sea salt flower.


This text is an awareness. Depending on the season and the moment in which you are, it is up to each one to feel whether to use this option. The frequency depends on the nature and physical condition of each Human Being.

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