Seeds are sources of life, but pay attention to its energy validity

PublicDomainPictures’ photo in Pixabay.     The consumption of seeds is nutritious, practical, inexpensive and helps to balance the organism.

They are small embryos of different physiognomies and colors that when they germinate within a certain period, until seven years after harvested and according to the laws of nature, they activate the energy of the philosophical stone and give life to plants or trees.

Seeds are also a true source of energy for any human or animal, as they have proteins, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients that the body needs to face and overcome the stresses of the daily life. The consumption of seeds is nutritious, practical, cheap and very used by those who want to have a more balanced life. However, you need to pay a lot of attention to not fall into exaggeration and also know what you are actually ingesting.

Due to fashion tendency, the consumption of seeds is being trivialized: at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, in milkshakes, in desserts or in a simple lunch break. Eating seeds in exaggeration can cause negative stresses in the bowels, also leads the organism to fix minerals in excess or even more dangerously, if the energy provided by the seed is already in discontinuity.

What is the vibratory energy validity?

Seeds usually have a life cycle of vibratory energy, between five and seven years, in which they maintain the full potential of the original matrix, that is, of its essence. It is during this fertile period that the seeds must return to the earth to germinate and grow and it is also in this period that it can and should be consumed by the Human Being.

Whenever we eat seeds harvested more than seven years ago, we risk sowing or ingesting anti-philosophers’ stone energy. This is an energy that results from the deactivation of the vibratory life cycle and is discontinuous and not in conformity with the laws of nature [read more on this site about the Three Philosophical Principles of Life and see the map of the relationship of the tree and the organs of the human being]. This new unconformity can trigger negative stresses in our body that will be more or less deep, depending on the quantities ingested and the capacity of resistance of each organism.

Before consuming seeds, you should always confirm the validity period and, more importantly, know the year of your harvest. This latest information is not available on most seeds sold to the public, so the best option is to consume 100% organic seeds, preferably from a reliable reseller.

It should also be emphasized that the consumption of genetically modified seeds, known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), contains laboratory substances that are not disclosed to the general public and whose impact on the organism and the environment is incalculable.

It is no coincidence that the multinational company Monsanto (which controls about 34% of the world seed market) faces more than 8,000 lawsuits in the US today, because of a pesticide called Roundup, which contains glyphosate, a carcinogenic chemical (widely used in pesticides in Portugal and that Brussels has just authorized its use until 2023). In addition to these cases, there are also many farmers who complain about the infertility of GMO seeds, which leads them to dependency on giants like Monsanto, among other companies, who each year oblige them to buy new seeds and certain chemicals to grow this kind of plants (read more about the desperation that is driving many Chinese and Indian farmers to suicide at, news about Vandana Shiva’s struggle or about the struggle between US, Europe and BRIC countries to gain control of seeds and agrochemistry in the world).

The effect of eating seeds in our organism is rarely immediate, meaning only continuous and prolonged consumption will have permanent effects on our health, as many nutritionists and other health professionals warn. Learn how to consume seeds and know some of the potentialities of seeds, such as Pumpkin, Hemp or Chia in texts on this site.

This text is an awareness. According to the season of the year and the moment in which you are, it is up to each one to feel if they should consume this food. The dosage and frequency depend on the nature and physical condition of each Human Being.

U. Leone’s photo in Pixabay.     Eating seeds in exaggeration can cause negative stresses in the bowels.


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