Soursop offers very few calories

The Soursop Tree (Annona Muricata), from the West Indies, is a small tree up to 6 meters tall. It exists in almost all tropical forests. The leaves of the Soursop Tree are light green, with yellow flowers and usually hide … Read More

Birthwort is a miracle against malaria

The heart-shaped green leaves are the hallmark of this creeper, a plant in the Aristolochiaceae family, whose flower looks like a human kidney and grows attached to other plants. It can be found in various parts of the planet, but … Read More

Am I addicted to sugar?

The usual consumption of sugar activates the brain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and endorphins, which convey feelings of pleasure and well-being. It is the search for this source of happiness that reinforces the desire and the increase will to eat … Read More

10 seeds to consume daily

Quinoa A native of the Andes, the quinoa, is considered a pseudocereal, has nutritive values compared to breast milk, very rich in proteins. Its gluten-free nutritional properties, of which 18 amino acids are essential to the organism, considered a superfood, … Read More

The magical power of spices

They are flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, stems or even barks of plants that radiate intense and distinct aromas and flavors with diverse colors that almost follow the rainbow. The Asian continent is the cradle of spices, scattered today all over … Read More