Three Philosophical Principles of Life

Let’s remember that our physical body has a nature according to the laws of the Three Principles of Life:

1º. Philosophical Salt: It is the Wisdom and the Divine Knowledge.

2º. Philosophical Mercury: These are the seven forms of Divine Love.

3º. Philosophical Sulfur: It is the Action, the Movement of everything that has Life 

Alchemical Notion

Oriental Notion

Biblical Notion

Philosophical Salt Tao Gold
Philosophical Mercury Yin Incense
Philosophical Sulfur Yang Myrrh

The philosophical principles constitute a unit in the trilogy: Salt (soul), Mercury (body) and Sulfur (spirit).
Clker-Free-Vector-Images’ photo in Pixabay. Yin and Yang are Taoism concepts that expose the duality of everything that exists in the universe.


Clker-Free-Vector-Images’ photo in Pixabay.   The three Magi, according to the revelation in the bible by the catholic church, when they presented the Christ’s birth with gold, incense, and myrrh.

Everything that has life is a bearer of the Three Principles.
According to the genetic history of two Beings, at the moment of the meeting of an ovum with a spermatozoon, taking into account the proportion of the energy of the Three Principles of Life (Sal, Mercury and Philosophical Sulfur – see also the Enneagram text):

  • whether it’s day or night,
  • day of the month, odd or even,
  • moon phase,
  • seasons,
  • influence of the stars,

will define the nature of a new body.

sciencefreak’s photo, by Karin Henseler, in Pixabay.       The meeting of an ovum with a spermatozoon from which will result in a New Being.

We realize that this New Being, despite always having the Three Philosophical Principles of Life, will always have one that stands out:

  • more Saline (Tao),
  • more Mercurial (Yin),
  • more Sulfuric (Yang)

which means different structures that also require different forms of feeding.
Like for example:

  • A Being with a mostly Saline nature will tend to enjoy spicy, salty food and snacks …
    A most saline child is playful, with a lively look, a rounder face, and a fuller body build.
  • A Being with a mostly Mercurial nature will tend to enjoy a light meal that almost requires no chewing. Their meals are more time consuming because it is typically an aerial person. He likes salads, fruits, juices … that is, light meals.
    The typical mercurial child is slender, with thin bones, longer and pale who likes to play alone and even forgets to eat.
  • A Being with a mostly Sulfuric nature will tend to enjoy a heavier diet, for example, good meat dishes …
    A sulfuric child has a broader face, especially in the jaw zone, broad shoulders and a more massive body and love to eat.

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