The Epigenetics test gives us an awareness of how our body is doing

Gerd Altmann’s photo on Pixabay.     Genetic testing assesses whether a person has good nutrition, has a lifestyle or social habits that do not put their health at risk.

Being aware of having the right diet, lifestyle, or social habits to avoid genetic imbalances is easy, fast, and accessible. It sounds like fiction, but it is not, it is called an epigenetic test.

What is epigenetics? We are talking about an area of molecular biology that studies the chemical changes that are in DNA that affect the function of our genes. Arguably, if our DNA were a long piano with all the keys necessary to keep us alive and healthy, epigenetics would be the fingers of the pianist who chooses which notes to play and at what pace. Epigenetic changes explain, for example, that a parent’s lifestyle can affect the balance of their children. This means that the multiple signals that we receive from the environment can cause disharmony in our organism and possibly allow changes in physiology.

How to take the test

Four hairs with roots, at the nape of the neck, are enough to do the test, the result of which is known in fifteen minutes. Why the hair with the root? Because it is the part of the hair that is alive, which means that feeds on the blood vessels that provide information and nutrients for the systemic microcirculation. In addition, the hair is a real antenna that systematically detects environmental signals emanating from micro and macro environments.

So, through the information provided by the hair – they have the same embryological origin as the nervous system and reveal epigenetic marks – we analyze the dynamics of our metabolism, anabolism, and catabolism, to find out how our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, exposure to electromagnetic radiation, food sensitivity, microbiology, and even intolerance are doing.

In practice, an exhaustive assessment is made of the nutrients that we are lacking, of the body systems that are imbalanced, if there are excess radiations or metals that interfere with health or increase the predisposition of our body to develop imbalances already programmed and genetically inherited.

The epigenetic map thus gives us in-depth knowledge to be able to effectively change our eating habits, our way of life, or our social environment in which we insert ourselves to preserve and improve health.

For example, by changing certain habits to avoid environmental factors that are harmful to us, we help reduce problems such as stress, anxiety, or digestive system dysfunction and strengthen the immune, central nervous, or hormonal systems.

The truth is, we are not confined to genetic inheritance, as science has proven.

If you want to be aware of your health status, through an Epigenetics test, come to our space, Esfera Dourada – Espaço Alquimia.

Esfera Dourada’s photo.    This is the device that allows, through four hairs with roots, to know if we are balanced or not.