Seven tips for traveling by plane with kids

Skeeze’s photo in Pixabay.      The first great adventure of traveling by plane should be explained to the child so that this one feels happy and without fear.

Flying with a child is not rocket science. The child only needs to be explained the novelty without transmitting fear or insecurity, but instead with a lot of love. Then it is just common sense and comfort for the child to feel happy and ready for one of the adventures of his life. It seems simple and indeed it is, as long as parents are aware that the first trip can leave marks on the self-confidence of this new Being that has just landed in your life. 

We remember that the airport is the place where about 80% of passengers reveal fear. A feeling that assumes great proportions and functions as a kind of black cloud that attracts and easily infects more sensitive Beings, particularly children. Faced with this reality many parents lack the insight and self-control necessary to be able to dialogue with their children in order to keep them from the black cloud. Their fear overlaps and so they speak loudly or even shout at the children, giving them orders, so that they can focus on their sense of fear that they can not overcome. Here are seven tips to help you to overcome fear and insecurity:

  1. The journey begins on the ground

The start of the journey begins a few days before the plane takes off. Without drama, parents should calmly explain to the child the adventure they are about to begin. To make the trip even more exciting, go to an airport to see the planes land and take off or choose to watch the planes that fly over your house.

  1. Bach Floral helps  

The Bach Rescue Floral contains five flower essences (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem) to help parents and children overcome less easy times, it is not a coincidence if it is called Rescue“. This Floral if taken days before the beginning of the trip and during the flight relaxes, calms and reinforces the security.

Edward Bach’s Floral Rescue, in drops or spray – attention because you will also find the kids’ solution without alcohol – has the function of balancing, in an emergency situation, the innumerable qualities and frequencies of energies that make up the vibratory geometry of Body, Soul, and Spirit of the Human Being. You also can use Andreas Korte’s floral essence RQ7 which contains two more floral essences, the Tuberous Comfrey, and Lotus Flower, as distinct from the Rescue because the flowers are not cut from the parent plant.  

These two flowers elixir should accompany us in our daily routine, as they work as rescuers to overcome unexpected situations of anxiety, tension, insecurity or fears that arise when least expected.

These flowers elixir can be found in herbal, homeopathic pharmacies or through the PHI Essences website. 

  1. Manage energies at the airport

At the airport, parents should talk quietly, in a caring tone, with the child to explain what will happen inside the plane. This is also a time when a lot of energy associated with fear and insecurity circulates at the airport and children, because they are very sensitive, easily capture this energy. Aware of this reality, parents should talk to children so that they do not fear or feel insecure unlike many of those around them.

  1. Aboard the airplane

Inside the plane, parents should be calm and use a low tone of voice to ask the child to sit comfortably on the seat and teach him to fasten his seat belt if it does not sit on his lap. The love and confidence transmitted to the child will make him feel safe to face the adventure of his life.

If in a car, the braking and the acceleration already cause pressure in our organism, in an airplane this assumes a much greater proportion with the taking off and the landing. In addition, the high speed of the flight, the pressurization, the passage through Hartmann’s networks, the time zones and the hemisphere change in the planet allow great changes in the Body, Soul, and Spirit of any Human Being, especially of the most sensitive ones like the kids. These changes are felt, for example, at the level of the vibratory vortex of the subtle bodies and chakras.  

Aditomo68’s photo in Pixabay.    Parents should be very serene and speak in a low voice tone to ask the child to sit comfortably in the seat and teach him to fasten his seat belt.
  1. Decompression of the ears

Taking off and landing are moments of strong tension inside the plane, so parents should be able to explain this to the child so that the situation can be easily overcome. Give a little water with two or three drops of Rescue, also put a drop in the sources, behind the ears and inside the wrists, so that the child does the decompression without any problem. Parents should do the same to enjoy the same relief in their ears and also convey safety and raise the child’s self-esteem.

  1. Altitude fun

With the plane in the air flowing in the sky and after the pilot gives the order to be able to remove the seat belt, the moment is of total relaxation. Parents should take the time to talk quietly with the child, play and enjoy the adventure that is traveling at high altitudes. Patience and tranquility are the trump card to overcome the tiredness and irritability that sometimes affect children, especially on longer trips. It is up to the parents to find the necessary distractions to fill the time whenever sleep does not knock on the door. The trip to the window allows, for example, to analyze the geometry of the soils and the shapes of the clouds.

  1. Air pocket

Traveling by plane without air pockets it’s not funny. It is up to parents to explain this natural phenomenon that can be seen as a kind of magic carousel. Without panicking, the parents should sit the child and put the safety belt so that everything is prepared for the magic of descending into the air pocket. At this moment it is fundamental to transmit security, tranquility, love, and joy so that the child feels confident and surpasses the fear that can feel.

Esfera Dourada participates for you and your family to have a happier journey.