Enjoy the sun for your health

Alexandra’s photo in Pixabay.  The Sun is a vital energy source for any Living Being on Planet Earth.

The Sun is a vital energy source for any Living Being since it is through the subatomic particles of electromagnetic light that Biophotons are produced and emitted (bio means life and photon is light). It is the energy that is responsible for transmitting information that activates, inhibits and organizes the vital functions of the atoms, cells, molecules, and all organs that make up any Living Being. All Human Beings are able to capture energy from the Sun through the skin, an organ that is part of the respiratory system, from which the first three layers of the skin interact directly with the first three of the nine layers of the Soul (Body Soul and Spirit Soul), giving, in the light of the 17 senses, feelings like warmth, joy, humor or happiness. Emotions that immediately lead any Being to the lightness of the hot summer months, where the holidays and the beach stand out.

For those who live in Portugal, the miracle happens for 300 days a year, which makes it the country with the sunniest days of the European continent. The Sun assumes greater intensity in the Portuguese territory from April to September, and in these three summer months, the slope of the rays is close to 45 degrees. The Portuguese thus have greater conditions to energize the organism. However, the fear created and induced over the last decades, about the possible harm of the sun on the skin, has made consumption of sunscreens vulgarized.

The hectic modern life, where most of the day is spent between four walls in front of a computer, requires that you enjoy the direct sun and without any sunscreen for your own health. It is not a coincidence that there are more and more people with vitamin D deficiency, the vitamin that avoids numerous imbalances named as diseases and after all, it is just a lack of sun.

Matt Tunjic’s photo in Pixabay.  Portugal has 300 days of sunlight a year, meaning it is the country with the sunniest days of the European continent.

The majority of Portuguese do not even have a minimum direct and daily sun exposure, that is between 15 and 30 minutes, during 12h00 and 13h00, when the intensity of the sun is stronger, to guarantee the integration and fixation of vitamin D. The time of sun exposure depends on each person, for example, darker skin needs more sun to synthesize vitamin D and a person with lighter skin needs less sun exposure time, but the skin gives a signal whenever the sun is excessive.

A study of the Faculdade de Medicina of Coimbra, in collaboration with the Nova Medical School, quoted by the Lusa news agency in early 2019, showed that most of the Portuguese adults analyzed had very low levels of vitamin D, which corresponds to a risk of serious disability.

As Alberto Caeiro, a heteronym of Fernando Pessoa used to say, “You want a better light than the Sun.” The title of this poem should be remembered every day because enjoying the sun gives you health.

Do not diabolize the sun and do not blindly trust the pharmaceutical industry that sells sunscreens increasingly sophisticated and with chemical ingredients, whose real effects on the human being only now, are beginning to be discovered and assumed. According to a study that has just been released by the Food and Drug Administration, it is now public that one day is enough for the chemicals in the sunscreens to enter in our blood.

The findings of the study, published in the scientific journal “Journal of the American Medical Association,” cited by the FDA, reveals that there are several ingredients of sunscreens – cream, spray or lotion – that are absorbed through the skin and penetrate into the bloodstream in doses above those recommended by specialists. Research has even detected that there is an excessive concentration of actives such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule. These substances are suspected of causing hormonal imbalances, fertility, interference with the development of the human being, particularly children, and also of causing degenerative diseases.

“The systematic absorption of the ingredients present in sunscreen lotions supports the idea that further studies are needed to determine the clinical significance of the data,” said David Strauss, MD, Ph-D. The FDA has requested detailed reviews of 12 ingredients in sunscreens to discuss safety.

The truth is that the Human Being already has its own natural protector to the solar rays, like for example the melanin or sweat, and the own skin gives a signal when the Sun is excessive. This system will be strongly interfered with by the application of a chemical protector that contains solar filters against ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB). It is no coincidence that pharmacists advise that the sunscreen be applied half an hour before sun exposure so that the skin absorbs all chemicals. Experts have long warned that the chemical substances in sunscreens are absorbed by the body and will affect the hormonal system, causing serious health imbalances that can trigger degenerative diseases and prevent the body from integrating vitamin D.

Besides the impact on the Human Being, the sunscreens are also associated with the pollution of the environment, in particular in the sea, since many of the substances that they use are petroleum derivatives. For example, in 2018, Hawaii has passed legislation prohibiting the sale of sunscreens to protect the coral reefs of the region. A position that was followed by Florida that created a law that goes into effect from January 2021.

Because of the potential risk of sunscreens, the best option is to pay more attention to the signals your body gives. We all have an instinct for protection whenever there is excessive sun exposure. There are hats, glasses, among many other accessories that protect us from the sun in excess. Sometimes there are successive dives in the pool or on the beach and in last resort, there is always a shade waiting for us. But if you choose to consume a sunscreen, prefer those that are made with 100% natural biological products. But preferably, never say no to a ray of sunshine, it is life and health.

Pexels’ photo in Pixabay.   Pay more attention to the signals that your body gives whenever there is excessive sun exposure. Sometimes a simple dip in the water is enough instead of using sunscreen.

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