Biophotons are the Light of our Life

Gerd Altmann’s photo in Pixabay.        Biophotons exist in all the cells of living beings present on Planet Earth.

We, Human Beings, are much more than atoms, cells or matter, we are Beings of Light. Our organism captures, produces and emits Biophotons (from the Greek bio meaning “life” and Photons meaning “light”), which are only detected by ultra-sensitive optical readers. It would be necessary for the naked eye to have a sensibility a thousand times greater to detect them.

Biophotons are not exclusive to the human cells, they exist in all the cells of terrestrial living beings: plants or animals.

It was the Russian Alexander Gurwitsch who discovered the existence of biophotons in the 1920s, and scientists are now admitting that biophotons can be the basis of the intercellular communication.

Vladimir Voeikov, a Russian biophysicist at the Moscow University, defines biophotons as “a coherent and ultra-weak electromagnetic radiation capable of modulating the physiological activities of cells and of the higher order living systems.” From this point of view, we see that biophotons are wave packets that contain information that is transmitted to all the living systems.

In practice, these subatomic particles of electromagnetic light are responsible for transmitting information that activates, inhibits, and organizes the vital functions of the atoms, cells, molecules and all the organs that make up our organism.

This information is dubbed by scientists as the “intelligence.”

Fritz Albert Popp, the German biophysicist and scientist, discovered in the 1970s that human DNA cells store and release photons creating “biophotonic emissions” that hold the key for the disease and health.

According to this scientist, the coherent emission of biophotons is linked to processes of energy transfer and information in biological organisms, as well as to the function of DNA for the regulation of the gene. Through his researches, he also found that healthy cells had more biophotons, while cancerous and diseased cells had fewer biophotons. Fritz Albert Popp argues that the more human DNA stores and releases photons (biophotons), the more it determines the health of living tissues in the human body.

WikiImages’ photo in Pixabey.      The Sun is 150 million kilometers away from Planet Earth and is the main supplier of biophotons.

Where do biophotons come from?

The Sun is one of the leading suppliers of biophotons. It is not a coincidence if the Sun is said to be Life. It is 150 million kilometers away from the Gaia Planet, Mother Earth, but it allows light, favorable atmosphere, with the existence of water in liquid state and temperatures suitable for the development and maintenance of life. In plants, the entrance of biophótons appears through the photosynthesis and in animals, concretely in humans, thebiophotons are captured by sunrays, through our skin, via melanin. But these light particles can also be picked up indirectly by ingestion of food. Indeed, when we feed ourselves, particularly fresh and 100% organic products (they have the three principles of life), we are receiving biophotons. These are stored largely within the double helix of DNA molecules, being constantly emitted and absorbed during biochemical processes, forming a dynamic network of light, which controls the processes of cellular life.

It should be noted that the Human Being has spread throughout his body twelve electromagnetic receivers: two behind the head, two at the neck, one at each elbow, two at the lumbar muscles near the kidneys, one at each popliteus muscles (behind the knees) and one at every Achilles tendon.

Electromagnetic energy (biophotons) is, in practice, the fundamental source of human life that binds the body to the soul and spirit. The heart, on the other hand, is the most powerful electromagnetic generator of our body, compared to others like the brain, because it constantly generates electromagnetic quantum packages that carry a set of information for the whole organism. The electromagnetic force of the Human Being can, according to the scientists, be detected up to four meters away. This magnetic field is also known by many as the aura of the Being.

Avi Chomotovski’s photo in Pixabay.      The Human Being directly captures biophotons sent by the sunrays through the skin, via melanin, and indirectly through daily nutrition.


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