15 ways to reuse coffee grounds

Nothing like welcoming the day with a good coffee or a cup of a delicious plant infusion. A remarkable taste and unmistakable smell that makes us special and gives us the energy boost we need to begin our daily journey. But what happens to coffee grounds or after-use infusion leaves? In most cases, haste and unconsciousness lead to their ending up in the trash. But know that you are throwing money away. In Portugal, for example, it is estimated that over 65,000 tons of coffee grounds are produced per year. But if a person drinks coffee a day at home, after a year there are 1.8 kilograms of nutrients that can be used to fertilize plants, repel insects, to put away some smells from objects or smells inside the house, clean pipes, remove certain hand odors, relieve the pain of an animal bite or even a burn. There are multiple uses for those who want to reuse and enjoy what many consider garbage, thus providing a new opportunity for nature to enjoy the benefits of their coffee or tea. Know in detail 15 tips for its reuse:

  1. Grow Mushrooms

    If you like mushrooms and you drink coffee then roll up your sleeves and grow your own mushroom. Choose the seed of your favorite species that can easily be grown in coffee grounds. Mix the two in a container and store in a dark place for four weeks. Then put it in a place with light, but not too much, in a warm, humid environment for another three or four weeks and then it begins to sprout. Finally, just wait for the best time to harvest and taste. This artisanal production to take advantage of coffee recycling has already given rise to creative businesses that already make a lot of money today.

  2. Insect Repellent

    The coffee and tea leaves reuse also protects plants from insects, certain types of larvae, snails, slugs and also eliminates bacteria or other unwanted microorganisms. This repellent function is also valid for other pests such as ants. Place the coffee grounds or tea leaves on the ant carrier or inside the cupboard and you will see how they move away.

  3. Natural Fertilizer

    Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and other nutrients, so they make a good natural fertilizer that can easily be used to fertilize your plants or garden. In the case of growing carrots or radishes, according to experts, seeds should be added with coffee grounds for a few days before planting them. This stage will boost its growth.
    Also, use the tea leaves next to the water that water your plants and you will appreciate their nutritional bonus. You can also place used tea bags in the middle of the earth, so as well as helping to retain water, the used leaves also serve as fertilizer for plants.

    Esfera Dourada’s photo.     Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and other nutrients and are therefore a good natural fertilizer.
  4. Pipe Plunger

    Cleaning kitchen or bathroom pipes can be done with coffee grounds, as they help remove grease, detergent residue and other elements that accumulate over time. There is no danger of coffee clogging because it does not accumulate in the pipes, it accompanies the trail of water. If you pour coffee grounds into the pipes once or twice a month with boiling water, you will be much less likely to have clogging problems, and the smell of the pipes will be nullified.

  5. Environmental Deodorant

    Unwanted odors in a bathroom, room for smokers or even a refrigerator can be easily eliminated through dried coffee grounds or infusion leaves. Also if you pour dried infusion leaves into the animal house or the pannier where the animals lie, you will see that the stench disappears. But beware that when using coffee grounds, their intense smell can function as an animal repellent. Also, the odors that accumulate in the shoe cabinet can be nullified with the dried coffee grounds.

  6. Cleaning

    The acidity and abrasiveness of coffee grounds are the solutions for cleaning a pan or other object full of difficult stains. When brushing or scrubbing you will find that the stains disappear easily, but then water should be rinsed immediately so that it is not tinted with the color of the coffee.

  7. Anti-fleas

    Coffee powder spread on your pet’s hair treats fleas and other parasites in a natural way, without using the traditional chemical poisons that could endanger those who interact with animals.

  8. Hands Odor

    Anyone who peels garlic, onions or fish gets their hands smelling of these foods. One way to remove the odor is to wash with coffee grounds and then rinse with water and detergent.

  9. Exfoliating

    Cleansing the skin naturally and cheaply is accessible to anyone. Just use the cold coffee grounds and massage the desired face or body part and after a few minutes rest just wash with warm water. This action removes the layer of dead cells and makes the skin fresher and smoother.

    StockSnap’s photo in Pixabay.    Using coffee grounds to wash your hair is a magic trick to stop dandruff.
  10. Brighter Hair

    Washing your hair with coffee grounds will make them darker, shinier and softer. But beyond the beauty, the lees still prevent the appearance of dandruff.

  11. Cellulite Fight

    Mix vitamin E oil with coffee grounds and massage the entire body area where the cellulite is located. Repeat this process two or three more times before taking a shower. After a few days of massage, you will find that the skin will be smoother and brighter.

  12. Soaps

    Make your soaps using coffee grounds. With this solution, the body will absorb through the skin all the nutrients of coffee.

  13. Dye tissues and paper

    If you have an artist soul and want to dye a sweater with an original color know that coffee grounds can help you. Boil water in a pot with coffee grounds and then soak the fabric or sweater for three hours. Then just dry, iron and use, but note that the color tends to be lost with successive washings. The same operation can be done with paper and the result is an aged tone.

    Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto’s photo in Pixabay.    If you’re a coffee lover, enjoy the coffee grounds to make your own coffee-scented candles.
  14. Candles

    Melt old candles, mix with coffee grounds and in the middle place the traditional wick. Here comes a new candle that smells like coffee.

  15. Polish Furniture

    Coffee grounds mixed with warm water make a creamy paste that is ideal for polishing dark wood furniture. This paste removes dirt and scratches for later restoration.