How to abandon the addiction to sodas


Ratfink1973’s photo in Pixabay.      Drink a glass of water, a natural juice, a tea or a coffee instead of a soda.

Like any addiction, it is not easy to abandon it, but a good deal of will and determination help change your life.


When you are thirsty, drink a glass of water. Preferably with a high alkaline pH, your body will thank you and step by step the will of a soda vanishes.

Natural fruit juice

One natural fruit juice or one lemonade can easily supply the craving for a soda.

Coffee or tea

Many of sodas are high in caffeine, so coffee can overcome the addiction and maintain the much-desired stimulant. One good natural tea can also be an alternative, not only it moisturizes the body and prevents certain diseases it also offers a wide variety of flavors that will help you to forget the soda’s addiction.


An option recommended for adults only. A glass of wine has fewer calories and some benefits in terms of cardiovascular protection than traditional sodas.


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