Vibrationally, what happens to a child after being vaccinated?

PublicDoma§inPictures’ photo in Pixabay.     The chemical composition of a vaccine introduced into the organism can block or destroy the vibration of various geometric constituents of the human being.

The love particles that are activated and invite a Woman Being to become pregnant, allow access to mathematical equations so that her uterus replicates the sacred geometry inherent in a new human body.

In this gestation process, which lasts about 9 months, in addition to the genetic heritage transmitted by the chromosomes, there is also the influence of the Laws of Nature and the Universe that act as magic spheres, allowing integration and interaction in the unification of duality. A power that dynamizes the 100 trillion cells, 16 organs, 16 systems (defense, hormonal, nervous, sanguine …), 12 electromagnetic receivers, 7 subtle bodies, 7 vibratory vortices or chakras, 11 Sephiroths, and numerous vibrating pyramids.

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      (Top to bottom) Pyramid of the Spirit, Double Pyramid of the Soul and Pyramid of the Body.

The perfect balance of the duality of this New Being,
between active metal deposits on the planet,
Stars of the solar system,
Stars and constellations of the Galaxy,
aligned in the 16 cardinal points,
constitute a true melody of spheres between Sounds and Tones, having as a great teacher the Spirit that incarnates the moment Woman gives birth.

If the Laws of Nature and of the Universe, in their fractality, are respected, this child will have 16 vibrating directions active in its potential as Being.
Thus, it will be a dialogue between the Genetic Heritage and the Vibratory Heritage inherent in the vibratory family of the Spirit.

In this Zodiacal Era of Aquarius (each Era is approximately 2160 years, marked by the sequence of Equinoxes and Solstices), children are born with a clean genetic code, that is without memories of imbalances named as diseases. They are children whose heart vibrates in the various frequencies of Love that will allow the constitution of a new society that will be diametrically opposed to the one that prevailed until the Age of Pisces (it ended in the first decade of this new century).

There are three large groups of children, each one with its own function:

  1. Group of children from a New Alliance between Heaven and Earth, called Indigo Children.
  2. Group of children of a New Manifestation and New Incarnation, known as Crystal Children.
  3. Group of children of Eternity, called Star or Rainbow Children.

These children should be received on the Gaia Planet, the Mother Earth, by families with a more open awareness to understand and respect the new way of being and thinking of these children, without projecting the obsolete patterns of the Era of Pisces, still impregnated in the genetic code of the parents (such as punishing or obliging).

These children are special, they should not be vaccinated, not take antibiotics, just like any other child outside these groups, because the chemical composition introduced into the body through vaccines can block or destroy the vibration of the various geometric forms of the Human Being.

Vaccines can immediately block the pineal gland, the neocortex, the paleocortex, cerebellum, and spinal bulb … vibrationally known as edges of the pyramid of the Spirit and the pyramid of the Soul of the Spirit of the Human Being.

All of these irreversible damages sometimes can have immediate or long-term consequences on the Physical Body and on the Soul of the Body and are usually named as diseases.

If the treetop can no longer receive Sun and Oxygen by altering its natural systems, registered in the seed matrix, the trunk and its roots become unbalanced and with the passage of time they dry up and die.

Skalekar1992’s photo in Pixabay.      You must be aware that there are no 100% safe vaccines.


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