Tiny tips for the back-to-school season

Gerd Altmann’s photo in Pixabay.   The new school year should be seen as a challenge for the whole family, especially for the integration of young first-year students.

The Summer Sun changes intensity over the days, a sign of the end of the holidays. September is here. It’s time to start preparing yourself and your children back to school.

If for a large majority of children, it is only a meeting of friends and the pursuit of a movie they are already accustomed to, although it seems endless, it is a new adventure for many others. It is especially for new students and those who must change schools, that integration should be the subject of increased concern, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The new school year must be seen as a challenge for the whole family. The organization, peace of mind and security are the pillars of success.

I’m going to school for the first time

Parents must be proud, but safe and quiet to be able to transmit this energy to their child. Children are the mirror of parents. A few weeks before the start of the school year, talk about the new challenge ahead and remember the importance of your early days at school. There’s nothing like one or two good stories to create excitement and even highlight who your school friends are today. If possible, go to the school door once or twice, even if the child already knows it, so that they feel more confident and motivated to attend what will be their second home. But for the school to be their second home, your house really has to be the first school. Ask the child: How does he feel when he goes to school? What he feels about leaving school? What does he think of his colleagues? Is he satisfied and why? These are the bridges to be able to talk openly with your children and help them integrate.

A new school is a great opportunity

School change can be a great opportunity. While change is often justified by the needs of the family, there are many cases in which it results from promotion due to the end of a school cycle. Then the configuration challenge will be easier if the transition is accompanied by one or two old friends. In any case, this reception should be supervised by the parents so that the teachers and the assistants can help the integration.

Positive attitude

The new adventure must always be confronted with motivation and joy. A positive feeling will help overcome an environment that will daily test the child’s sensitivity and personality. Explain the need to know how to overcome difficulties, but also demonstrate openness and tranquility to talk about what could go wrong, according to the expectations of the child. It must be emphasized that making mistakes and recognizing these mistakes is the best way to avoid making them again.

Being a good host

On a qualitative principle of interaction, parents should advise their children to be good hosts, even if they have not been well received before. You have to change habits and welcome new colleagues, helping them in their integration. This practice will create a second family and a home where everyone feels really good.

Imbalance Manifestations

Children with different potentials, such as Indigo, Crystal or Stars, all carriers with a potential of the New Era of Aquarius. These are children who give off a lot of love from their heart, who are not aggressive or seek out the competition, making them easy targets for “bulling”. They are the seeds of a new society diametrically opposed to the present society. These children often feel very out of step with current teaching and yet they seek to alchemize the energies of schools, teachers or colleagues. For these children, parents should pay more attention because this alchemy often manifests itself in changes in the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is not by chance that, at the beginning of a nursery or during the first year of schooling, manifestations arise in the form of fever, colds, intestinal or digestive imbalances such as vomiting and headaches, appetite loss and energy or vitality loss. In most of these situations, a break from school for one to two days will be enough to regain energy. You can even take the flower essences mentioned below and an infusion of verbena, lemongrass or lemon balm.

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The flower essences RQ7 and Rescue have the function of balancing, in an emergency case, the innumerable qualities and frequencies of energies that make up the vibratory geometry of the Spirit, the Soul and the Body of the Human Being.

Bach flower essences help

Bach flower essences Rescue contains the energy of five flowers: Helianthus, Clematis vitalba, Impatiens glandulifera, Cherry plum, Garden Star-of-Bethlehem, if taken a few days before the start of the school year, it relaxes, soothes and improves security. A few drops into water (three to five drops) will help parents and children to go through less difficult times. It is no coincidence that this is called “rescue”.

In addition to Edward Bach’s flower essences Rescue (you can also find it in a spray or non-alcoholic solution for children), you can also choose Andreas Korte’s flower essences, such as the RQ7 which contains two more flowers, the Prunella vulgaris, and the Lotus flower. The RQ7 is distinguished by its development in the PHI laboratory, in which there is no flower cut and therefore there is no separation of the mother plant, there is not even a lack of flow after 20 minutes of cutting.

The two flower essences have the function of balancing, in emergency situations, the innumerable qualities, and frequencies of the energies that make up the vibratory geometry of the Spirit, the Soul and the Body of the Human Being.

These flower essences can be found at herbalists, homeopathic pharmacies and the RQ7 can also be purchased at the PHI Essences website.

Infusions to calm down

In a daily ritual, preferably in the evening and at a family reunion, make an infusion of lemongrass, lemon balm, jasmine or chamomile to start reassuring family nights. This can be a gateway to preparing parents and children for the next step. You can also take three drops of RQ7 or Rescue.

Anticipate daily routines

One or two weeks before the start of the new school year, you should slowly start preparing children for new routines. Going to bed and getting up should start getting closer to the new schedules so that the child finishes the normal sleep cycle without complaining, and for the new routines to be put in place on time.

Self-confidence is fundamental

The child needs to feel strong and confident to face the new challenge. Remember that being nervous is normal and the role of parents is to believe that the child will overcome the new challenge. All the stresses of daily life, such as pressure, blackmail or intimidation – physically or via the Internet – must be expressed openly so that the child feels safe and everything is resolved immediately. In this sense, it is essential to remember the need for fast school integration to create new friendships, which sometimes also curb the most abusive situations. Unity is a strength.

Fear or anxiety remain at the door

The new environment full of new colleagues, teachers, and staff is a great opportunity to make friends and discover new games. Fear and anxiety must remain at the door, as it should be emphasized that the school is a place of learning, but is also used to play in the playground. Remind your child that interaction with new friends happens the same way in kindergarten or at a birthday party and will be lifelong in other schools and later in the world of work.

School supplies as a stimulant

Early purchase of school supplies can be an additional stimulus for the new stage. The preparation and timely organization of backpacks should still be done in a timely manner to break the ice and brighten up the child.

Pixabay’s photo.    A week or two before starting the new school year, you should slowly start preparing your children for new routines.