The Quantum Test takes a health check-up in minutes

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      The health of your organism can be tested thoroughly and within minutes with the help of this sophisticated magnetic resonance analyzer.

The quantum diagnostic test is a sophisticated quantum magnetic resonance system that painlessly and in minutes performs a comprehensive examination of the human body to assess the current level of health.

The assessment focuses on the level of nutrition in the body, to check whether it complies with the parameters considered normal, and tests the health of the various organs, even revealing whether there are potential risks of triggering future imbalances that can turn into illnesses.

How does the test work?

A sensor is placed in one of the hands, which is connected to the quantum analyzer, responsible for picking up the low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by the cells of our body. The collection of this electromagnetic data takes two or three minutes, then is analyzed, processed, compared – according to values considered normal for health, taking into account gender, weight, height, and age – and presented by the analyzer which will show, from a computer, a detailed report of the current state of health of the person.

In this diagnosis, the analysis is carried out on:

– Cardiovascular System;

– Cerebrovascular System;

– Nervous System;

– Immune System;

– Gastrointestinal Function;

– Liver and Gallbladder;

– Pancreas, Kidneys and Lungs;

– Bone Density;

– Eyes, Skin and Collagen;

– Allergies;

– Heavy metals and Toxicity;

– Ovaries, Uterus and Breast;

– Prostate;

– Endocrine and Thyroid System;

– Blood sugar and Fat Level;

– Vitamins, Minerals;

– Amino Acids and Coenzymes…

What does the report reveal?

The diagnostic report presents the evaluation of the values detected in each of the zones tested. The document clearly shows whether the collected values are below the range considered normal by health specialists, within the middle range or, on the contrary, exceed the recommended values.

In addition, the report also presents conclusions about the person’s state of health and makes nutritional suggestions as well as recommendations for the person to reach the parameters designated as normal for health.

This quantum diagnostic test is an instrument based on millions of clinical cases and has an accuracy rate of 85%. It is no coincidence that it is increasingly used by conventional and traditional medicine.

Can anyone take the test?

The magnetic resonance diagnostic test can be performed by anyone who does not wear a pacemaker, suffers from epilepsy, and is not recommended for pregnant women. In these situations, it is not recommended because the analysis is done by electromagnetic pulses which can cause imbalances.

Where can I take the test and how much does it cost?

The quantum diagnostic test is available at Esfera Dourada, Sintra, Portugal. The appointment of the day and the hour will be made by phone or by email and the price is 30 euros.