Sesame preserves the heart, the nervous system and the skin

Sesame (Sesamum indicums) Plant: Sesame is an annual herbaceous plant, from the Pedaliaceae family, native to Asia. The seeds are oval and flat, white, black, red, or golden in color, and offer a slightly nutty flavor. Sesame seed is considered … Read More

Poppy blocks anxiety and calms the nervous system

Poppy (Papaveraceae Family) Plant: The Poppy belongs to the Papaveraceae family, which is made up of more than 80 species of different colors. It is a mythical plant for its addictive sensitivity and also for the nutritional powers that it … Read More

Sunflower protects the heart and is rich in vitamin E

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Plant: Sunflower, identified by scientists as Helianthus annuus, is an oilseed belonging to the nightshade family. It is a plant that gives life to the green monotony of many agricultural fields, thanks to its yellow flowers, arranged … Read More

Plants offer life to Phytotherapy and Human Health

Phytotherapy is a holistic therapeutic method that uses the properties, the active principles, and all the vital energy provided by the beings of the Plant Kingdom to prevent and treat the imbalances which appear in the body of the Human … Read More

Pumpkin provides low calories and protects the prostate

Pumpkin (Cucurbitaceae family) Plant: The pumpkin, cousin of the watermelon and melon, belongs to the large family of Cucurbitaceae. There are hundreds of species, of varying sizes – large, small, round, oval, calabash-shaped… – and with distinct shells, smooth or … Read More