How to nourish the human body

Stokpic’s photo in Pixabay.      The hands of the Human Being have specific receptors that capture the energy of stars.

According to an Aquarian and Quantic consciousness, the Human Being will assume the Freedom and Responsibility of its Nature and Vibratory Function as a mediator between Heaven and Earth. Only then, the Planet will be able to follow its evolutionary movement in the Solar System and Galaxy.

It is necessary and urgent to make one cellular revitalization and detoxification so that the cells, organs, systems, and organism of the Human Being are capable of capturing the quantum vibrations of photons emitted by this new Aquarius Zodiacal Age (Golden Quantum Era) that emits Light, Love, and Intelligence of the Heart.

How to do it?

By nourishing our bodies with food that follows the Laws of Nature, thus enjoying the Light of Life. Food that will be as biological as possible, because they are the ones that contain the purest energy of the Three Principles of Life. Only these guarantee the vitality and balance of our Being:

It is necessary to make the triangular diagram

  • Metabolism (receives the information),
  • Anabolism (integrates and transforms) and
  • Catabolism (distributes and eliminates).

The food should be consumed in a natural state, not exceeding 42 degrees Celsius to maintain all its nutrients.

Why 42 ºC? Because the normal temperature of the human body is between 35 to 36 ºC and in situations of rebalancing, the temperature can reach 42 degrees Celsius, which is the supported limit by the body without causing irreversible damages.

Thus, any food cooked above 42 ° C will create molecular damages, including the stress of the molecules.

By eating a prepared food at high temperatures the body assumes, registers and tries to transform, but the consequences of intoxication, at various levels of reality, are well visible in many types of diseases.

Vegetables (vegetables,legume’s sprouts, and cereals) and fruits must be abundantly present in the daily food basket, while products of animal origin (meat, fish and their derivatives) and processed products should be scarce or even eliminated.

The new Aquarius Zodiac Age requires a greater Awareness and Responsibility when choosing our food. It is necessary to say no to the consumption of animals and vegetables artificially bred in captivity, at the expense of rations and chemical products, with genetic manipulations that enter the process of discontinuity or anti philosopher’s stone. All these processes create food that is not in accordance with the Laws of Nature, thereby losing the connection with their Celestial vibratory archetypes.

Without political connotations here are examples of animal slaughters contained in a draft law presented in the Portuguese Parliament.

The human body is the foundation of the flow of the energies of the Soul and the Spirit in their relationship with our archetype, that is, the Celestial Transterrestrial inner being. Healthy nutrition, according to the vibratory nature of each Being, is the guarantor of a fluid dialogue between the Occult and the Profane Tripartite Organization.

PierreGilbert’s photo in Pixabay.     The new Aquarius Zodiac Age requires a greater awareness and responsibility when choosing our food.

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