Food must respect the “nature and state” of the Human Being

Darwin Laganzon’s photo in Pixabay.    The DNA chain contains the complex network of molecules and atoms through which much of our body’s vital energy passes.

The existence of the Human Being on the GAIA Planet, the Mother Earth, is manifested in a body, in a complex network of atoms and molecules where all energy and information of our essence passes. A network that, when functioning in perfect balance, without stress, and efficiently, allows receiving, transforming, stimulating and emitting energy information also in this tone of harmony.

However, all this interaction requires energy sources, a large part of which is obtained by our body through the nutrition we daily do and several times a day.

The food has to be healthy, varied, complete and balanced, always respecting the state in which we find ourselves – at the time and place where we take our meal, given the nature of the Being we are:
more Sulfuric (a lover of a heavier food, for example, good meat dishes),
more Saline (likes spicy food such as salty snacks),
or more Mercurial (prefer a light diet that almost does not need to chew, for example, salads, fruits, juices).

Each person is a single case and often the conscience and habits speak louder in the choice of food we make. If for the vast majority of the population, omnivorous food (consumption of animal and vegetable food) is the chosen one, it is also true that over the years many other diets such as macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, rawism (see autonomous texts on this site), have gained more and more fans. It is perhaps the awakening of greater awareness that healthy eating can be a way to prevent the body against stresses and imbalances, named as diseases.

Sven Hilker’s photo in Pixabay.      Inadequate eating habits steal us of years of life.

The Portuguese Ministry of Health itself recognizes the need to strengthen awareness of healthy eating and launched the Integrated Strategy for the Promotion of Healthy Eating by the end of 2017. A document in which it is assumed, for example, that inadequate eating habits steal us of years of life and represent more than 86% of the burden of disease borne by the health system in Portugal. That is why they have come forward with a package of legislative measures sponsored by the European Union and the World Health Organization (read more on: healthy eating and legislation created by the Portuguese Government).

Food not only prevents but also cures diseases, says Lair Ribeiro. The Brazilian cardiologist, a nutritionist, and author of 37 books, of which 15 are best-sellers, argues that people should adopt a healthy and free diet, for example, of industrialized products. Canned foods have substances that improve the taste of food, but are highly harmful to health, the doctor said.
If, on the one hand, the population has lived more years, on the other, it has spent more time sick, notes Lair Ribeiro.

In the same way, the Brazilian Conceição Trucom, scientist, chemist and writer [‘The Lemon Healing Power’ is one of her best-known books], says that it’s time to leave the matrix. The consumer has to leave the comfort area to learn more about the food they eat. They should know who are the suppliers, the producers, read the labels well and know well what they buy. We have to wake up. 

Nick Barnard, the author of Eat Right and co-founder of Rude Health, advocates an “old-fashioned diet”. “Those who eat better eat less”, says Barnard at a conference in March 2018 in Lisbon. Barnard underlines the importance of choosing fresh, biologically and nutritionally rich products.

Monika Baechler’s photo in Pixabay.     Green juices are an option highly appreciated by lovers of rawism.

Healthy eating does not only depend on good foods and in great variety, but it is also necessary to know how to consume them. The raw and lively food has recently gained a growing fan base, but most of the world’s population remains faithful to food cooked at high temperatures. Perhaps this is an old memory that is difficult to break, so it is advisable to warn, for example, the type of pots and pans that should be used so that the food does not continue to be contaminated.

Experts say that models of non-stick or Teflon pans (containing PFOA or PTFE), as well as aluminum, should be avoided. Alternatively, the same experts consider that the best options are glass, ceramic or titanium. Also, pots and pans can be used in copper, iron or clay as long as they are used correctly to avoid contaminating food.

As we have seen in these short lines, having a healthy diet depends on multiple factors and is not decided by any government’s Decree-Law. However, as conscious consumers of healthy and sustainable food, we have the power to decide what can and should be an adequate food for “our nature and state” as human beings

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