Mount Shasta Sage (Sticks)


Weight: 30 to 40g

Do an energetic cleansing of a home, office, store, or your body through the Smudging of Mount Shasta Sage sticks.

Mount Shasta Sage, also known as “Mount Shasta Blue Sage,” is a wild plant of the Lamiaceae family, which is harvested from Mount Shasta in Northern California. This region is known to be one of the main energy vortices on the planet.

Mount Shasta sage is composed of thin leaves and abundant blue flowers that convey a strong herbaceous, hairy and spicy scent, although sweeter and more delicate than white sage. The feminine energy released by Mount Shasta sage allows you to energetically cleanse the atmosphere of an office or home and is often used to purify a person’s aura energies before a meditation session.

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Energetic cleansing of our body or a physical space, such as a home or office, should be done with some frequency to stop the feelings and emotions that cause conflict, irritability, discouragement, sadness, anxiety, among others, or even imbalances that can trigger the so-called diseases. One of the methods of doing this cleaning is Smudging. This is an ancient method that uses the properties and active principles of the Plant Kingdom, by combustion or vaporization of herbs and plants – in Sticks or Bundles – to rebalance and restore the harmony of the vibratory energy of the Human Being or of an environment.

Do not hesitate, do a Smudging whenever there are hostile energies infecting you and your loved ones and you will see how everything will change for the better.

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Weight 50 g

30 mm in diameter and 105 mm in height


– Keep out of the reach and sight of children;
– Risk of intoxication.
– Store in a dry place at a temperature below 25°C;


– Light up and let the smoke release, no need to have a flame.