Glass Bottle – Crystal Quartz


Hydration is essential and natural, but this act takes on a new dimension if done with the help of a crystal. Yes, drinking water through a Glass Bottle with Crystal Quartz transmits to our body, soul and spirit all the energetic and vibratory properties made available by the crystal. Crystal Quartz stimulates well-being. The glass bottle has a stainless steel base and cap, to make it completely airtight, and offers a capacity of 500 ml.

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Crystal therapy is called Lithotherapy and is an ancient tradition. This is a holistic approach, based on the subtle influence that the properties of minerals can offer us on a physical and spiritual level. The Crystal Quartz, used in this Glass Bottle, has properties associated with healing and well-being and interacts in particular with the vibrating vortex of the Crown Chakra.

Additional information

Weight 540 g
Box dimensions

250 mm x 75 mm


Hand wash in lukewarm water and hand dry. Do not put in the dishwasher.


– Keep out of the reach and sight of children;
– Read the instructions;