The Esfera diffuser has an elegant and modern design that allows you to enjoy aromatherapy to purify, aromatize and revitalize your environment.

It has a diameter of 100 mm, weighs 30g and is made from wood-tone plastic. The interior includes LED lights with 7 colors that work continuously or intermittently, to create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.

The diffusion of essential oils or floral waters is done through ultrasonic vibrations (it needs water to diffuse the essential oil), which produce a fresh mist, which can spread up to 20 square meters. The tank has a capacity of 130 ml which, when empty, automatically switches off the diffuser. This diffuser works via a 1-meter USB cable, which does not include the DC 5V-1 electricity adapter.

We recommend using 100% pure and organic essential oils from the Essenciagua range.

  • Diffusion of water with essential oils or floral waters;
  • Capacity 130 ml
  • Continuous operating mode;
  • Ambient light with 7-color rotating or fixed LED;
  • Diffusion up to 20 square meters;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • It works on electricity with a 1-meter USB cable for a DC 5V voltage;
  • Does not include the DC 5V-1 adapter.
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Diffusers are essential devices in aromatherapy and can be divided into two broad categories: nebulization and mist.

Nebulized diffusers only work with pure essential oil. The scent is released in small particles into the atmosphere in the form of vapor. Nebulized diffusers are suitable for large spaces due to the high concentration of essential oil they diffuse.

In contrast, mist or ultrasonic diffusers need water to diffuse the essential oil into the air. Drops of essential oil mixed with tap water or floral water are diffused into the atmosphere by misting. Mist diffusers work like a humidifier in which the drops of essential oils are diffused less intensely.

Additional information

Weight 210 g
Box dimensions

104 mm x 104 mm


– Do not use in the presence of pregnant women and children under three years old;
– In a child's room, it is recommended to turn it off 30 minutes before the child enters;
– Read the instructions;
– This diffuser humidifies the air;