When not to use garlic!

Esfera Dourada’s photo.      Garlic consumption should be avoided in cases of pre and postoperative.
1- Garlic ingestion with milk should be avoided because milk creates mucus in the body, which after some time may be the cause of infections and other problems.
2- Garlic consumption in excess can also cause bad digestion and irritability of the gastric mucosa.
3- Garlic should not be used by people who are allergic, pregnant, newborns or children up to four years of age.
4- Garlic should also be avoided in cases of pre and postoperative, as it has an antiplatelet effect.
5- And be careful, it is also not advisable to add garlic into medicines, as the garlic intensifies its action.
6- Despite all the good points, the ideal is to consume it with moderation, since high doses can cause colic, vomits, headaches, stomach ache, and other situations.
7- It should not be used (in a clove form while fasting) by people suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer, have low blood pressure and low blood glucose (hypotension and/or hypoglycemic).
8- It should also not be used by anyone who is being treated with coagulation medicines and should not be used close to surgery.
 9- Garlic stored in olive oil outside the refrigerator at room temperature should never be consumed. Why? Because it can develop harmful bacteria to health.


This text is an awareness. According to the season of the year and the moment in which you are, it is up to each one to feel if they should consume this food. The dosage and frequency depend on the nature and physical condition of each Human Being.

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