Green juices, salads, and smoothies are an asset on hot days

Guillermo Muro’s photo in Pixabay.   Awaken the chef in you and prepare a 100% vegetable breakfast or a salad of vegetables and flowers.

Enjoy the last days of summer to enjoy a lighter diet, rich in nutrients and high potential, which promotes detoxification and alkalinization of the body while feeding energy and vitality. Eat fresh and preferably 100% organic foods to make juices, salads, and smoothies. Focus on vegetables, fruits, and seeds rather than meat, especially red or processed meats.

Start your day with a green juice or choose to drink it in the middle of the morning during your breaks. Taking for example the proposal of Elias Pereira – naturopath, expert in natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and detoxification – a green juice has a base that should preferably be very liquid (watermelon, melon, cucumber, coconut water…), a detoxifying fruit (apple, pineapple, pear…), a hydrated or sprouted seed (sunflower, flax or chia…), a root (ginger, turmeric, yam…) – and a good handful of green leaves, at least four species (chard, spinach, kale, broccoli, Malva, watercress, medicinal or aromatic herbs for a cooler taste), in order to ingest enough chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants. Spontaneous plants are also known as unconventional food plants (PANC), many of which are considered as weeds that are born without being sown in yards, flowerbeds or wastelands, and which are not usually consumed for lack of knowledge. However, these plants emerge to meet the needs of the owner or those who live near the abandoned lands where they grow. Remember that the energy emanating from each being allows nature to offer what she needs.

In Portugal, we can easily find Fuchsias, Nasturtium, Nettle or Milkweed, among others, that can be a valuable asset to our green juice (here are some PANC).

The green leaves must have a significant place, about two-thirds of the juice.

Polski’s photo in Pixabay.      Juices loaded with chlorophyll help to nourish, detoxify and alkalize the body. Try them!

Be careful because if you use watermelon as a base, it has a triple action, since it can be used from the skin to the seed (see also the recipes of the rawism chef Rita Zamberlan). Use your imagination, but especially watch your appetite. Wash all the selected ingredients carefully, pass everything through the “Slow Juicer” or in a blender and, very important, you must filter well to eliminate the fibers of the liquid juice. Finally, savor this nectar.

At lunch, opt for a lighter meal. Prepare a pumpkin raw soup, choose a soup of green vegetables (cucumber, tomato, and spinach), a more energetic soup (cucumber, pepper, tomato, and kale) or a gazpacho – recipes of Elias Pereira, holistic therapist, and chef detoxification.

Then serve a salad such as Rita Zamberlan’s sauerkraut (see also other recipes from the same eco-chef), in a selection that may contain vegetables, seeds, fruits, flowers or fish. The will and the taste of the moment are the magic wands of each one.

And in the middle of the afternoon, why not a good fruit shake, but with vegetable milk origin. Yes, rice milk, oats, almonds. Conceição Trucom, scientist, nutritionist and writer (author, for example, from The Curative Power of Lemon) presents some alternatives to cow’s milk and some recipes.

Remember, however, that health does not only involve a balanced diet and physical exercises. It depends very much on how we nourish our soul and our mind, especially thoughts and feelings from the intelligence and the love of the heart, going through our 18 senses.

Hazan Aköz Işık’s photo in Pixabay.     Nothing better than a light and fast meal like a salad during hot days.

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