Covid-19 opens the door to a new consciousness on the Planet

Fernando Zhiminaicela’s photo on Pixabay.    The negative stress caused by Covid-19 has led to a sharp reduction of the pollution around the world, resulting in cleaner air, clearer waters, and even wildlife that we haven’t seen for a long time.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, where the wind gently slides and the birds sing with the onset of Spring, in its perfect duality with Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, we find that the Planet Gaia, Mother Earth, is renewing itself. It is an evolutionary process, similar to what happens in Human Beings every seven years.

We are living a “Solve” which is in the Nigredo phase, as shown by the Great Work of Psychostasis (weighing of the soul) left on the papyrus by the hierophants of ancient Egypt. It is a cellular movement carried out in two stages, Solve and Coagula, and this last stage integrates three phases: Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo.

The three energies of life are now in a neutral state to allow the Human Being, individually, to transform the negative stress in which we live, globally, into positive stress.

Is Covid-19 the visible face of this stress?

Yes. The SARS CoV-2 virus, called Covid-19, does not belong to the Laws of the Universe or the Laws of Nature, and its spread, intentional or not, allows the Planet to exert an accelerated renewal.

The launched panic on the Human Being, the restriction of freedom imposed in most states of the world, the confinement of peoples, the compulsory wearing of a mask on a daily basis, and fear, instilled in the unconscious, controls even the simple vital act to breathe oxygen.

This giant wave of negative stress has already enabled us over the past 12 months to deliver a brutal reduction in the pollution around the world, which translates into cleaner air, clearer waters, and wildlife that has even emerged where it hasn’t been seen for a long time. It has been shown that the slightest intervention of the Human Being on the Planet has an extremely positive impact.

Only a renewed awareness of the Human Being will lead societies, democratic or not, to slow down unbridled consumerism, the dizzying pace of exploitation of natural resources, often done at the cost of wars (paid for with thousands of fatal victims), and stop producing relentless levels of pollution. In practice, the “State of Climate Emergency” in which we live can come to an end if there is generalized respect for natural ecosystems, composed of the Mineral, Plant, Animal Kingdoms, Human Beings, and Planet GAIA, Mother Earth.

The necessary paradigm shift is in line with the onset of the New Age of Aquarius, also known as the Golden Quantum Era, which emits a high frequency in Quanta of Photons of Light, Love, and Intelligence. of the Heart. This is the first Era of Earth’s new cycle of precession [as we know, the precession movement lasts 26,000 years, which divided by 12 makes each Era approximately 2,160 years old], which we entered at the beginning of this new century. These are the pillars available to help break and transform the “status quo” inherited from the ancient Zodiac Age of Pisces, whose opposing non-complementary energies promoted a patriarchal society that ended in utter disorder, reaching, in the end, a total state of putrefaction, for example, the countless degenerative diseases that have spread in society.

Thus, the wave of Covid-19 stress causes a need for change in the Human Being, in organizations, public and private, in society in general. See the adhesion to telework in the world of work, the bet on teaching with innovative and remote technology, or the new management, organization, and planning strategies that are starting to emerge on a global scale.

In this context, although at a still timid pace, political commitments are beginning to accelerate towards greater harmony between society and the planet. For example, the European Commission has already approved the Ecological Pact to be implemented by 2030, which provides for the conversion of at least 30% of the land and seas of Europe into protected areas. The objectives of this pact are also to halve the use of pesticides, to maintain at least a quarter of arable land under organic production, to plant three billion trees, and to renaturalize 25,000 kilometers of rivers. This policy is part of the European Union’s decision to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

The Human Being awakens to a new Self-consciousness, seeking to maintain his health through a diet of the New Age of Aquarius, which is essentially based on raw foods, based on the vegetable and biological kingdom, that is, that is, without chemicals or pesticides. Agriculture, industry and the environment will gain an increasingly green dynamic. This new consciousness will overcome the animal part that exists in the Human Being so that he can assume his role of mediator between Heaven and Earth.

It is the opportunity to develop a new awareness of the harmony between Human Beings and, above all, of these towards the Planet.

If we are experiencing a Solve, what comes next?

After a Solve we will enter the Coagula stage, starting with the first stage which is Albedo (according to the alchemical work of the psychostasis). We are going to witness a natural selection of the elements that make up today’s society. Only that which has quality in the light of the New Age of Aquarius should remain active. It is the weighing. This is a fundamental step towards progressing to the phase of Citrinitas, the second step of Coagula. It is at this point that a new awareness, resulting from the transformation of negative stress into positive stress, should begin to add to what is left of today’s society. From this union, already in the Rubedo phase (the third and final stage of the Coagula stage), the essential energies of life should already vibrate qualitatively within the new quantum consciousness. In other words, by 2027 Planet GAIA, Mother Earth will have to have formed the foundations of a theocratic society with the quantum principles and frequencies of the New Golden Era.

This evolution can be compared to the seasons, where Solve represents Autumn. Here, the trees are losing their leaves, but they are not dead, they are changing. Winter is the first stage of the Coagula stage, stage in Albedo, in which the rain and the cold test the support of the trees. Spring is the second phase of Coagula, phase in Citrinitas, in which the trees create a new dynamic in balance and in which the flowers and leaves are born with greater vitality than the previous ones. In Summer, the third and last stage of the Coagula stage, stage in Rubedo, the trees, if they follow their normal and perfect cycle, bear fruit. It is the natural sequence of life that the Plant, Animal, and Human Kingdoms must respect and follow.   

Fernando Zhiminaicela’s photo on Pixabay.  The door is open for the development of a new awareness of harmony between Human Beings and, above all, of these with the Planet.

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