10 plants to say stop to lice

The one who has never caught lice or had someone in the family who has never had one is not a being of this Planet. Having lice is not a shame, because this parasite does not choose the type of … Read More

Blackberries have no thorns for our health

The small black berries that melt in the mouth to give us a delicious sweet and sour taste, make the happiness of children and adults, are a real relic for our body. A popularity that is not affected by the … Read More

Discover the immortal Aloe Vera’s gel

The aloe has long spear-shaped leaves, fleshy, thorny and greenish, which grow in a rosette shape, like the rose petals. It is a plant native of China, India, and from desert regions that over time has diversified a bit around … Read More

Aloe Vera’s potentials for our body

  1- Alkalinity An organism that presents an acid pH is more likely to develop negative stresses, called diseases. The pH balance can be made through alkaline foods and beverages consumption. Aloe Vera’s gel ingestion is one of those strengths … Read More

15 plants that purify the house

 Lavender Lavender, known in the science world by Lavandula Angustifolia, is a small shrub, perennial, from the Lamiaceae family. Its small size (30 to 80 centimeters in height) does not undermine the greatness of its relaxing and tranquil perfume, as … Read More