How to nourish the human body

According to an Aquarian and Quantic consciousness, the Human Being will assume the Freedom and Responsibility of its Nature and Vibratory Function as a mediator between Heaven and Earth. Only then, the Planet will be able to follow its evolutionary … Read More

Three Philosophical Principles of Life

Let’s remember that our physical body has a nature according to the laws of the Three Principles of Life: 1º. Philosophical Salt: It is the Wisdom and the Divine Knowledge. 2º. Philosophical Mercury: These are the seven forms of Divine Love. … Read More

Sprouts and microgreens are live foods

Sprouted, shoots or microgreens foods come from grains or seeds that, in contact with water, oxygen and a certain temperature, initiate biochemical processes that give rise to the beginning of the life cycle of a plant. They are live foods … Read More

Main dishes to surprise at home

The main course is the highlight of any good banquet. Here is a good opportunity to show your gifts. In Nutrition of Light, the main dish can be easy and fun to make but sometimes requires some imagination. The palette of … Read More

Biophotons are the Light of our Life

We, Human Beings, are much more than atoms, cells or matter, we are Beings of Light. Our organism captures, produces and emits Biophotons (from the Greek bio meaning “life” and Photons meaning “light”), which are only detected by ultra-sensitive optical readers. … Read More

100% Raw soups

Soup is an integral part of any main meal, lunch or dinner, and also a way to nourish the youngest with vegetables. The flavors vary with the gastronomic culture of each region or country and also with the personal taste … Read More