Seven indispensable spices in the kitchen

Cinnamon It is obtained from the inner part of the bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree, the Cinnamomum Verum that can reach 15 meters height. This cinnamon is light brown in tone and has an intense, hot, sweet and spicy … Read More

The magical power of spices

They are flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, stems or even barks of plants that radiate intense and distinct aromas and flavors with diverse colors that almost follow the rainbow. The Asian continent is the cradle of spices, scattered today all over … Read More

Does an obsession with perfect nutrition is an imbalance?

Having a correct and healthy diet is fundamental for any living being, however, when that worry becomes obsessive behavior, then the case changes shape and there may be physical and emotional implications. It is the so-called orthorexia (word from the … Read More

Being Vegan is a lifestyle

What is being vegan? “Veganism is a way of life that seeks to exclude, to the extent possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals, whether for food, clothing or for any other purpose.” This is the … Read More