How to prepare a good infusion?

The leaves or flowers of a plant, whether dry or alive, form with water the secret base of a good infusion for rebalancing or pure pleasure. The plant choice should preferably be from biological production, to ensure that its properties … Read More

Green, White or Black Teas block the central nervous system

Drinking Green, White, Black, Red or Oolong Tea, all made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, is good for your health. It is widespread advertising around the world based on its nutrients, including the fight against obesity, aging, protection of teeth, … Read More

How Pitanga is a Sweet Health Aid

Pitanga tree (from the botanical family of Myrtaceae) is a typical tree from Brazil, but nowadays it is easily found in countries of the American continent (South, Central, and North), Africa and even in Portugal, in Madeira Island. Its fruit … Read More

Discover the magic of Pellitory

With its broad, long, dark green leaves, planted in reddish trunks, where yellowish flowers stand out, that is the Pellitory. A plant from the Urticaceae family that has a taste reminiscent of cucumber, with a slightly salty touch, whose properties … Read More

Know the benefits of the unloved Nettle

The nettle has Asian and European origins has heart-shaped green leaves and its ends are well defined and cut in the shape of a saw. Popular and unloved for the pain it causes to the touch, because of the hair … Read More