The dark side of perfumes

It is natural that the magic of a perfume awakens emotions, often asleep in the past, provides new experiences, feelings, such as trust or happiness, and sometimes even offers a status of unique Being. This is the magic wand making … Read More

Dangerous products of our daily routine

Shampoo and hair conditioner We daily consume shampoos and hair conditioners, but you may not know that your head is being washed with sodium sulfate, which is a carcinogen. What other harmful products are also mixed through the fragrances that … Read More

Discover the difference between the various plastics

PET or PETE (1) Plastic containers bearing the letters PET or PETE (number 1) are made of polyethylene terephthalate, a shiny transparent plastic, with or without color, resistant and with good impermeability for gases and humidity. This type of packaging … Read More