The State and public schools accept vegetarians

The state door is open to serve vegetarian meals officially. The historic decision was taken in 2017, with the approval in the Portuguese Parliament of the Law that obliges to have in all the menus of canteens of public establishments … Read More

How to use Lemon

Natural lemon Lemon consumption should be made shortly after it has been opened to take full advantage of its potential properties. You should not use a cutted lemon one or two hours earlier because it loses properties and absorbs everything … Read More

Ginger is the healer of the body, soul and spirit

Ginger is an ancient Asian spice, known as the healer, which over the years has spread step by step throughout the world. In Portugal, ginger has imposed itself since the reign of King John III (1521-1557) and is nowadays a … Read More

Avocado consumption helps to balance the human body

The avocado tree is an imposing tree, it can reach 20 meters in height and its trunk is embraced by brownish branches, covered by aromatic leaves of a dark green tone that offer, once a year, a real gem called … Read More

When not to use garlic!

1- Garlic ingestion with milk should be avoided because milk creates mucus in the body, which after some time may be the cause of infections and other problems. 2- Garlic consumption in excess can also cause bad digestion and irritability … Read More